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RTW itinerary opinions....... am i planning too much???

Travel Forums Round the World Travel RTW itinerary opinions....... am i planning too much???

1. Posted by peteski01 (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hey everyone,

Im new here, and in the early stages of planning a round the world trip. Basically Im 22, living in Australia but im a new zealand citizen, and really wanting to head out travelling the world. My itinerary is pretty full on, but here goes.

Im looking at starting with a month back home in new zealand travelling south to north, then flying out to fiji, and working my way by sea through to tonga or samoa before flying out to hawaii and on to Los Angeles. Im going to work my way across america via the southern states to miami, before heading north to New york, then on to canada.
My first dilemma is that i really want to see some of central and south america (mexico, costa rica, brazil, peru etc.), but don't know whether to do this part before, or after heading through the US due to the visa waiver conditions.
Any ideas or recommendations?

Anyway, after north/south america, I will fly to the UK and work to top up the cash before heading through western and parts or eastern europe either by motorhome or a bus-about tour. I'll then head back to the uk (once again to top up the cash) before heading through egypt, india, nepal, china, japan, thailand, vietnam, indonesia, then back home to adelaide, south australia.

I know it sounds pretty full on, but i want your opinions on whether you think this is feasible. Im very flexible with time, and am planning to have around A$20-25,000 (australian dollars) to go with.

Any ideas or opinions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Pete

2. Posted by peteski01 (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Ok, I just realised my thread/question is pretty vague.

I basically want to know if anyone knows any problems i may encounter in regards to visa's, and entering these countries/regions. Considering Im a NZ citizen that has been living in australia for the past 20 years, i have a feeling i may get a few questions from immigration/customs along the way. I will be entering the US on the visa waiver program, and the UK via the UK/NZ working holiday visa.

I also want to know about finding work in the UK, and whether the 'recession' is going to affect my chances of gaining employment.

Also in regards to the american leg of the trip, is it possible for me to travel from brazil up through central america to the US then on to canada? I feel this would be more logical than backtracking to south america from canada and spending more money on flights.

Thanks again


3. Posted by trimm (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hi Pete,

I'm Mark, I run a website in Aus dedicated to RTW trips like this one, -snip-. Your trip looks like a beast but a great itinerary. Few issues I could envisage...from Aus - NZ - Fiji - Hawaii is possible on the round the world using Qantas/Air Pacific. You are basically locked in to the oneworld/Qantas RTW when you travel to South America as they have LAN Airlines on their network and Star Alliance, the other major option, has almost no representation down there. The issue with taking the Air Pacific flights is that you are set to the oneworld global explorer fare which is mileage restricted, instead of the popular oneworld continent airfare which gives you 4 internal flights in each continent without any mileage restrictions and only a few backtracking restrictions.
With either RTW there is very few options for Tonga/Samoa so might want to do that on a separate trip perhaps.
From there it's pretty easy through the US/Canada.

The alternative if you wanted to head straight to South America is to take LAN airlines from Auckland - Santiago and work your way up from there. If you google 'LAN Airlines Route Map' it'll show you the options you have to use around that area. If you went straight to South America from NZ you wouldn't be able to go via Fiji etc so you could look at the continent based airfare...hope I'm not losing you.

You're greatest challenge will be sticking to 16 'sectors' which is a relatively new rule due to compulsory e-ticketing. Sectors include each flight as well as any time you make own arrangements between 2 place.
Sydney - Los Angeles - New York is 3 sectors.
Sydney - Los Angeles // Own arrangements to New York is still 3 sectors....

So from there onwards it can be best to try and use those route maps to know which flights are possible. The website that comes up in google search results can be quite handy. OneWorld, which you'll have to use if traveling via South America, has limited options in Eastern Europe, Africa & Asia for example it has only 2 major hubs to use for internal in Hong Kong for the Cathay Pacific/Dragon Air network and one in Tokyo for the Japan Airlines network. So often you use up 4 flights in Asia with 2 side trips to one of these destinations.

With oneworld, you also have Royal Jordanian to use ex-Amman which is ok for the middle east. You can get into India on a Cathay Pacific flight from Dubai - Mumbai which saves a sector via HKG.

With visas, can't forsee any major issues except China, India & Brazil but best to check as you book. US and UK sound fine, visa waiver for the US is easy stuff. Can send you a fact sheet if you like.


Mark Trim, RoundAbout Travel

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