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If you were us, would you travel to Bangkok in June?

Travel Forums Asia If you were us, would you travel to Bangkok in June?

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1. Posted by becky552 (Budding Member 27 posts) 7y


Please give us your opinion.

My friend and I are starting our RTW trip in June starting in Thailand. With all the trouble in Bangkok at the moment would you fly there?

2. Posted by Blinq (Inactive 341 posts) 7y

Things are more or less back to normal in Bangkok now. But the country has been in turmoil for many, many years and no doubt unrest will erupt once more, though the venue is likely to be on the island of Phuket in June because that's where the incumbent prime minister intends to have another go at hosting the ASEAN+3 summit. So you should be OK if you plan to travel to Bangkok in June.

But keep an eye on the English language newspapers such as the Bangkokpost or The Nation for a daily dose of what's going on over there.

But right now, it's blame game time with each party blaming the other for the events of last week.

3. Posted by RobR (Budding Member 21 posts) 7y

Quoting becky552


Please give us your opinion.

My friend and I are starting our RTW trip in June starting in Thailand. With all the trouble in Bangkok at the moment would you fly there?

I'm going there next week actually and am not at all worried. Even if protests did start up erupt again, you would not be in any danger. At worst you might be inconvenienced a little bit. In my view anyway, nothing that has happened there so far would warrant changing your plans.


4. Posted by Dodger (Inactive 875 posts) 7y

Totally agree with Rob. Most of this stuff you read is hype by the media. Saying, 'its dangerous and you might die', is a much better story than, 'yup everything is fine'.

Just go and enjoy.

5. Posted by frank_bkk (Full Member 101 posts) 7y

Definitely come, youll love it. Besides the airport closure of last year for a short while, tourists have hardly been affected in anyway (bar a few road closures).
Even when the latest protests were going on, most tourists didnt notice a thing. Youll should be perfectly all right. Do monitor the news however, so if there are any protests around just stay clear, common sense really.

6. Posted by laos_info (Budding Member 42 posts) 7y

please don't change your travel plans! The media sensationalism that has followed the events in Thailand has put off many tourists for really no reason. For the most part, if you had been in Thailand for most of the recent protests you would not even have noticed anything, and I really wouldn't call it a dangerous situation. Have been in Bangkok during a couple of the protests and you would really not know anything is going on unless you head out towards Government House.

7. Posted by ash_ (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y

we were in thailand when the protest started to build up. there are some streets that were blocked because of the protest and taxi drivers refused to drive us back to our guesthouse, which was unfortunately near monument where the protest was. our flight out was also that day. the great thing was the guesthouse arranged a reliable cabbir to take us to the airport despite of the bars and protestors along the way. but just like what the others said, the protest are only concentrated on certain areas. its not widespread.

8. Posted by Blinq (Inactive 341 posts) 7y

The UDD (the red shirt fraternity) held another demo in Bangkok yesterday which seems to have passed off without incident. See New plan to overturn the goverment. The suburb mentioned in that news report is a public park near the river. See Sanam Luang

The turmoil caused both to investment and tourism during the recent riots is unlikely to be repeated simply because the UDD represent the rural poor and don't have the support of business leaders and high ranking officials in government. They're well aware now that the incumbent prime minister will have no hesitation in declaring a state of emergency again should that prove to be necessary and therefore, running amok in the city or anywhere else for that matter is nothing more than an exercise in futility in the present climate.

So you really do have nothing to be worried about. ;)

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9. Posted by Blinq (Inactive 341 posts) 7y

(post duplicated somehow...sorry)

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10. Posted by opospa (Travel Guru 1837 posts) 7y

At the moment, things are fine here.... But if there's a protest again, you need not to worry about it.. They are not targeting foreigners... Just that it would be incovinient for you to move around.... Good Luck