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Unesco heritage should not cost too much

Travel Forums General Talk Unesco heritage should not cost too much

1. Posted by Swept Away (Travel Guru 1115 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

1. Well, if you are going to Chengdu, would you skip the Panda Zoo?
or if you are in Chongqing, is it pathetic to skip the 3 gorges, because you think its too expensive?

I try to convince myself, that its okay. Ultimately, its the feeling you got and not the photos you've taken. But the truth I just thinks its too expensive. I'd be paying for something that was set for travellers from the 1st world.

THEY CALL IT UNESCO heritage sites... its suppose to be WORLD HERITAGE, but if you are charging people from the 3rd world 20 dollars to see treasures that is supposedly theirs, then you are breeding suicide bombers. Its just not fair. They want a global effort in saving our cultural heritage and natural wonders. WELL RIGHT I CANT affoed to cruise those Gorges, so I don't mind if governments want to build more HYDRO POWERPLANTS that will destroy the ecosystem. And since I can't see the Pandas either, i wont be marching for their protection either, even if I see them on the menu of a fast food.

Once they get the UNESCO seal the prices just soar to the heavens....