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1. Posted by Carlaperu (Budding Member 10 posts) 7y

Hello everybody
I am interested to go the Pascua Island on AUgust and I dont know what is the best option to go there , I will be happy to receive any advice from people who ve been there



2. Posted by marlis (Travel Guru 1167 posts) 7y

Hi Carla,
I know only about LAN flying from Santiago to Isla de Pasqua and it is not cheap.

3. Posted by Carlaperu (Budding Member 10 posts) 7y

thanks for the information
and what about the tours and hotels, how long it will be fine to spend there ( 3 nights, 4 nights )

Please let me know


4. Posted by marlis (Travel Guru 1167 posts) 7y

Hi Carla
if I remember right then there is only 1 hotel but some B&B,I paid for a privat room in central location in the village $ 20.00 and this was in high season in Feb.when they have the festival.
I had spent 2 weeks because of the folkloric festival,did not made guided tours but rented a jeep and drove around the little Island to see the moai statuas.
Anakena is the only beach but has a small camping ground.It is some km away from the village.
Check LAN for the flights,I think there are only 2 flights per week,MO and SA ?

5. Posted by Carlaperu (Budding Member 10 posts) 7y

thanks for the information

I am loking for a hotel **** , someone know more about Iorana hotel in Isla de Pascua

I will be glad to receive any kind of advices



6. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 7y

Hi Carla,

Just backing up what Marlis is saying. You can fly from Santiago with LAN. If you keep an eye on airfares online, you can fly for US$500 or even less sometimes if you're lucky. Generally, flights are about $600-700 though.

I stayed in a lovely place there called Mana Nui Inn. It's bascially a group of cabanas run by a family. They are very clean and comfortable and overlook the ocean at the Moai site of Tahai. The girl who runs the place will let you rent her jeep when she's not using it. Place cost about $50US a night, but was worth it for the breakfast alone :)

I cant recommend any hotels on the island. There aren't a lot of options there anyway. The only settlement on the island is called Hanga Roa and it's very small.

I did a guided tour with a French guy who lives there, recommended to me by the staff in Mana Nui Inn. That was good, but I ended up renting a jeep the next day and just going back over it all again myself because I wanted to spend more time around the island. The tour was informative, but I think you could get the same info with a guidebook and just rent a jeep.

I spent 4 days on the island and it was plenty! It's very small so unless you have a specific reason such as being there for the festival, then that's all the time you need I think. I was there in March and it was a lovely time to be there weatherwise.

If you need any other help let me know.


7. Posted by Carlaperu (Budding Member 10 posts) 7y

Everybody know about this hotel IORANA at Pascua Island

please i need to know more detalis and coments form this hotel before starting bookings