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Make option available to link directly to a post

Travel Forums System Talk Make option available to link directly to a post

1. Posted by Blinq (Inactive 341 posts) 7y

There doesn't appear to be an option to link to a particular post in a thread. For example, let's say I wanted to link to Post #26 on this page. The nearest I can get is to it is the URL to the third page. That leaves the reader having to scroll down to find the post I was referring to.

Now then, if I wanted to link to a post by somebody called "toods" on this Firefox support site which on the third page, all I would need to do would be to right click the page icon for the date the post was added and choose "Copy Link Location" from the menu and then paste the link here. The would load the page with toods' post at the top like this rather than whichever one the thread actually it starts with.

Both these examples were chosen at random just to illustrate what I mean by the way.

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2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4931 posts) 7y

It is possible to do this already, just by pasting #Post26 at the end of the link - but indeed there's no easily clickable thing to get that link. (Which might even be a good thing, as they're not real permalink URLs; if a post in the middle of the thread was deleted, these numbers would change. (So to implement this right, the forum would need to allow linking by postid as well as by threadid and page, and then figure out which page a post would appear on. Just enough work that it's probably really low priority.)

3. Posted by Blinq (Inactive 341 posts) 7y

OK, I see that does work. I really wanted it to be available so that I could link to my own posts if the subject matter in a different thread I was contributing to was the same one of the previous ones.

Slightly off-topic, but still relevant is the way the subscription tool works. The link in the email takes the user to the beginning of the thread instead of to the relevant post, such as this one for example: I realize of course that the user can subsequently click the "Last Post" link and find it that way, but some of them may not realize that.

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