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1. Posted by Swenigale (Travel Guru 31 posts) 7y

Hi- I have been posting my blog by email for the past 100+ days, but since April 30th nothing has I have sent has appered on my blog. Can you please help? We are almost ready to end our wonderful trip and we want to make our final posts in the next few days. Thanks. Swenigale:(

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 7y

Hmm, that's weird! I guess these are other entries than the ones currently showing in your blog for the days after April 30th? I sent one the other day to my own blog and it showed up (after April 30th), so it would appear to be a pretty random bug. I presume you have already done this, but can you check in your sent items that the email address you sent those entries to matches the one on the blog settings page?

3. Posted by Swenigale (Travel Guru 31 posts) 7y

Hi- thanks- we're having some success, maybe it will be better once we get off the ship. I appreciate your site very much. Thank you. Swenigale