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Mexico to Rio in 5 months!

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Mexico to Rio in 5 months!

1. Posted by Wildeone (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Me and my flatmate are planning a trip from Mexcio City to Rio in Brazil. We have our flights out there on 16th September and a flexible flight back booked from Rio on 24th Feb. Other than this we have no plans. Want to get as much information as possible from people that may have done something similar.

What route did you take?

Did you do the whole trip by bus or get any internal flights?

Is this a relaistic time frame for the distance we have to travel?

How much did you budget/spend?

How good was your spanish?

Do you meet many poeple doing similar routes and journeys?

I am trying to decide which coutries to do and how to manage certain boarders. Has anyone done this trip including Venezuela and if so what route did they take?

If anyone had any advice or information I would be really interested ot have a chat with you.


2. Posted by way2goeh (Full Member 159 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

First, I can tell you I havent done this but I can answer some of your questions.

The only flight YOU must take is from Panama to South America b/c there no way through the Darien Gap.

5 Months should be plenty as many people have only 2 and that isnt much, but 5, wow, too much fun.

As for budget, you didnt say what kind you were looking for. Budget around 50 dollars for 2 for hostels per night ( maybe high in some places, maybe low in some too). Some places you may find hotels for the same.

You leave in Sept so you have time to learn some Spanish. Along the way, you will learn the important things that become a daily usage.

At hostels, you will meet all kinds of tourists. There may be some doing the same thing but not 5 months, but who knows.

To manage borders, try to cross them Mon-Fri in the morning. Less people at the borders.

Assuming you're taking the bus, there are sooooooooooooooo many buses along the way, especially very GOOD buses from one major city to another. Some have sleeper buses so you could take one and not have to pay for hostel that night (but usually they are 6+ hour buses).

You singled out Venezuela, and Im not sure why. The place is fantastic. Merida, Margarita Island (a definite) and ANgel Falls. U have to take a ferry to Margarita Island, but its cheap. Merida has the longest cable car in the world. ANgel Falls, isnt easy to get to. There is no highway remotely close and you need to plan a tour. It isnt cheap to see the tallest waterfall in the world. If you have money, go to Los Roques. The islands and white sandy beaches and aqua blue o my.. But again, a flight is 300 dollars and hotels- $100 per night, but it does include all food and they take u to islands. Venezuela has a black market ( over 6 to 1 compared to 2,15 to 1 at bank). But you must pay dollars for tours, most hotels/hostels. Going down the coast in Brasil, you will see beaches, beaches and beaches. In Panama, go to San Blas Islands and though i wont post the name of a place, but a particular island is full of monkeys that I can tell you for along the way to Panama City.

any questions, let me know and Im in Brasil

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3. Posted by Wildeone (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

wow thanks thats amazing. have decided am definately going to go to venezuale. i was only unsure as would mean going back on myself a little bit to travel through columbia which i am a bit unsure about. was thinkin of looking for flight from panama to caracas maybe and then travel back by land towards ecuador.

thanks for you help.

where did you go when u went?