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31. Posted by DaveinMD (Respected Member 198 posts) 7y

OK still no pics but I'm working on that. You see a few days before the trip we had a lightning strike that blew up the computer, took out the cable for the tv and disabled the invisible fence. So I had to hook up another computer and haven't had the time to load the appropriate software. Besides I don't spend a lot of time on the puter at home during the week so bear with me.

Speaking of dogs the flight home from Phoenix was only made tolerable due to a great companion in the seat next to my wife. A very nice older fellow who was describing his 16 year old toy poodle as 'the closest thing there is to a stuffed animal while still having a pulse". At the end of the 4 hour flight we learned that his damn dog had been sitting in a small crate under the seat in front of him the whole time! Guess he was right. By the way if I am ever caught sending post cards to my dogs just shoot me on the spot right then and there.

As for the lawns I don't mean to misrepresent our situation, we live on just under 5 acres so it's not exactly a "farm" anymore. But yes I do have a big time mower. Interesting you wrote what you did Ladymac because I was going to post how we found it interesting that virtually every lot we saw in the west was very very small. Obviously the price of land must be high. Now don't get me wrong, most here don't have 5 acres but virtually every lot in the east is 1/4 acre minimum and the average is probably closer to 1/2 with larger lawns very common even with modestly priced homes.

Cal: Pebble Beach is the #1 course I've always wanted to play, although it looks to me like Cypress Point may be even more beautiful, but I'm not sure it's in the cards. I looked into it seriously a few years ago and found that the only way you are guaranteed a spot is if you stay at the lodge there. Adding up the price of the lodge with the cost of the round and frankly I just couldn't justify paying over $1,000 for one round of golf, a round where I'd probably shoot a big number and walk off the 18th green thinking "why did I just do that?". I even looked into staying in a different (read cheaper) hotel in town and just showing up as a walk on but the guy in the pro shop said basically "Dude this is Pebble Beach. People don't 'no show' for their tee times here. Good luck getting on". Guess like the price of a Rolls Royce if I have to ask how much it cost to play then I probably can't afford it huh?

I remember as a kid taking the Coastal Highway (I hope that is the right name) down from SF to LA and staying a night or 2 near Carmel/Pebble. Even at 13 I remember how beautiful that drive was and thinking "guess this is why they film car commercials here".

32. Posted by DaveinMD (Respected Member 198 posts) 7y

OK here are a few pics that I've loaded. First few are obviously of Sedona, then a few of the canyon. Sorry, no Santa Fe but you guys already know what that looks like.

And one of a local who was catching a cold.

33. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 7y

Nice pictures, Dave. But don't catch that chest cold from your friend. It looks like it could be dangerous to your clothing.

I used to live in Maryland, and yes, it was on a 1/2 acre lot. But you are correct;--generally, all the lots in the larger cities in the west are smaller, while the rural areas are the only places where you can find the larger lots. Having said that, I now live on a 1 acre lot in a city--but that's because the city is in a redwood forest about 7 miles from the coast. No lawn to mow--just falling trees to cut up when they block the road (fortunately this has only happened twice in the past 10 years). Let's just say that getting a tree cut that is 225 feet long and 3 feet in diameter takes awhile--and a lot of help from the local fire department and road maintenance group just to get the tree moved off the road).

As far as the Pebble Beach courses, the only one I've been on in my 10 years here is Poppy Hills. It's the one Tiger Woods liked the least during the last US Open here (and during the yearly AT&T Pro-Am), and I see that it has been dropped for next year's 2010 US Open and replaced by the Monterey Peninsula Shore Course. To show you how exclusive Cypress Point is, the US Open people said Cypress Point was never even considered as a replacement for the Poppy Hills course for next year's US Open--and apparently the reason is because the Cypress Point people wouldn't even talk to the PGA about it (since they didn't want to have to make any changes for the US Open nor have a bunch of non-members on it--even if every one of the non-members would have been a PGA pro).

But thankfully, there are lots of other great courses to play here--so I don't have too much to complain about. And since I'm now employed again (after a three month stint of unemployment), I'm hoping to be able to play one or two sometime--although I'll probably spend more time helping out at the local food bank than I did previously.

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to the southwest--and thanks again for the Sedona and Grand Canyon pictures.

34. Posted by DaveinMD (Respected Member 198 posts) 7y

Hey again Cal. Sorry to hear about your employment situation, we're going through the same thing here although my job is still around, for now. Glad to hear you are back. OK gotta admit that I forgot that I had posted that sneeze pic. I couldn't understand what you were talkiing about and started reviewing the pics to see if something had spilled on my shirt. LOL I'm dead serious.

As for Cypress Pt I can't say as I blame them. Tiger, as you probably know, started up his own tourney and they've been using Congressional for the past 3 years, always on the 4th of July. The US Open returns there in a few years and the course will be closed for the usual reasons they rebuild courses for the Open. If I were a memeber I'd have a real problem with my club being closed to its memebers for so long, especially during the 4th of July weekend.

35. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 7y

Didn't mean to get personal with the unemployment thing--actually the only reason I was out of work was related to my company being sold to a Japanese firm and moved overseas (which has now happened)--meaning all the people working for the company in the US (all 300) lost their jobs. As you say, this economic crisis has affected a lot of people worldwide--and I hope it is doesn't affect you (or for that matter anyone else on this site).

Yeah, you posting the picture thing was kind of odd--but I figure everyone has a different sense of humor. Mine is geared more towards the low-key British wit (similar to their current "Yes, Minister" series or the old "Fawlty Towers" show).

Since summer is the best time of year to be in the Monterey/Santa Cruz area, I'll be here on the deck and in the pool or at the beach for awhile, but hope to do more domestic and international traveling soon.

P.S. I don't mind writing back and forth more--but if we do, we should probably do it via personal messages rather than via this blog/thread. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Sedona and Santa Fe--and hope to get to both soon myself (especially to possibly finally visit Ladymacwil and her husband).

36. Posted by DaveinMD (Respected Member 198 posts) 7y

Quoting Calcruzer

Yeah, you posting the picture thing was kind of odd--but I figure everyone has a different sense of humor.

I've gotten a lot of laughs out of that pic on various boards . I've never been one to act my age however this is a more mature board so maybe it wasn't in the best taste. My apolgies if I offended anyone.

37. Posted by Ladymacwil (Full Member 170 posts) 7y

Nice pic's David, although the last one was a surprise. (Although, I actually laughed as a similar thing happened to me while shooting down the spiral stairway inside the Arch de Triumph, more than just the camera snapped. Darn those front closing thingies...)

BTW, buying postcards for your dogs makes much more sense than buying for any cat, which will just ignore them anyway! And, I have some pretty good postcards, but of course, I can't post them as that would be copyright infringement.

Lastly, just to say something about Santa Fe.... #@*&^%$#@ Stupid Santa Fe!
We were having a great weekend, live music outdoors Thursday and Friday, live Cajun music and dancing in the Railyard on Sunday. Yesterday, my husband was rear-ended in a three car accident on his way home from work. Some jerk going 50 miles an hour who plows into the car in front of him which then plows into my husband. Naturally, hubby was driving the new Mustang. The other two vehicles were totaled, only HALF of ours is... Grrrr! At least he's not hurt. The guy responsible almost went through his windshield and was carted off in an ambulance. I hope he has good insurance, tho' the Mustang will probably never be the same. *sigh* C'mon out Cal, but drive carefully...


38. Posted by DaveinMD (Respected Member 198 posts) 7y

Quoting Ladymacwil

BTW, buying postcards for your dogs makes much more sense than buying for any cat, which will just ignore them anyway!


39. Posted by Ladymacwil (Full Member 170 posts) 7y

BTW, I finally posted this as an "Off Topic" thread, (as Cal suggested..)

And, they are beating me up over there! <--- said in a proper craig Ferguson voice, you know. ( "I know!")
Anyway, joked about a Tartan, (Which I still think the Gunn plaid is classic!) And made the mistake of not Googling anything...and posted it as DavidMacCal. Well, people did Google a David MacCall, (They added an extra "L"...and who knew? Some guy who died in a bicyling accident, as far as I can tell..) Anyway, please do not resurrrect that thread.

(And BTW, it was Scotch I was drinking that night...not Jamisons!) LOL!

And...wouldn't you think,( for those super-sleuths out there), you would check my last postings, as opposed to Googling a name with an extra "L'? ( Amateurs, I tell you!!)

In any case, posted as DavidMacCal, thought is was kind of funny and actually thought I posted, "Cal is right, we morphed this thread and need to go on "Off Topic", which I did. End of story. Just let the damn thread die off...

40. Posted by DaveinMD (Respected Member 198 posts) 7y

After reading this post I simply had to go to the Off Topic section to explore. Gotta admit I'm still confused. But I do love your other username and am flattered that you included me.