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Help about planning my trip to Turkey this su

Travel Forums Europe Help about planning my trip to Turkey this su

1. Posted by Kathyusa (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

Hi everyone,
I need serious help about planning my trip to Turkey this summer. I will be travelling alone and I need help about my booking. I did lots of research on the web and found lots of options but did anybody heart about Walkabout Travel Istanbul Turkey? Their web site is <snip> and I m not sure about booking with them!?
Their tours seems good and have a budget prices but I m not sure about them. Please if anybody knows about them please let me know A.S.A.P

Thank you

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2. Posted by gocebe (Inactive 48 posts) 7y

You should consider traveling in Istanbul without a tour because most of the tourist sights are close to each other. Other tourist sights are easily accessible.

3. Posted by Kathyusa (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

Thank you but I will be single female travelling in Turkey and planning a trip for 3 weeks.Thats why I have been researching about these companys in Istanbul.Do you have any information about this company?

Thank you!
But I need more details about this web page: <snip>

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4. Posted by Redpaddy (Inactive 1004 posts) 7y

Post#2# is just so spot on. Turkey is incredibly easy for arranging tours when you get there. You will find tour offices on just about every street corner in touristy areas - and just about every hotel in the country will be able to help you with your plans.
Also - booking a trip out there, rather than through an agent before you go, will save you lots of money.

5. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 7y

Being a single female in Turkey is no big deal, you'll be safe as long as you keep your wits about you.

Keep your shoulders and your knees covered when you are not in touristy areas or out alone. Get your clue for dressing from the locals - if everybody is covered up from head to toe don't walk around in shorts and strappy top or wear a see-through shirt.

Female tourists travelling alone have a reputation for seeking sex (and some do come for that to Turkey, especially in the beach resorts), so it is best to react a bit stand-offish when you are approached by Turkish men. A polite smile might be interpreted as an invitation.

But don't worry too much, most of the men approaching you will be touts, trying to sell you something or other.

As long as you have a decent guidebook (Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Let's Go, ...) you should be ok.

6. Posted by Kathyusa (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

Thank you,
For all your help but mainly I was asking about this travel agency and has anybody have an idea about them or book or travel with them before? But seems like everybody is writing what they feel like rather than answering questions. By the way I booked with them already and they seem really nice people and gave me a great deal as well. When my tour finish I will come back and write about these people. At lease might help somebody who is booking with them. Thanks for all advice.

Thank you everyone.


Ps: I m not advertising, trying to get a decent idea with giving this travel agents details. This must be a joke trying to get some information at this web page except single females travelling.