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Should i be worried? flights booked yesterday.

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Should i be worried? flights booked yesterday.

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1. Posted by Marmite1 (Budding Member 6 posts) 7y

Ok so i have been trying to plan for the past 6 months a RTW trip with my boyfriend.

I think i have pretty much planned the basics and done a lot of research
I booked my flights yesterday
And today my boyfriends parents have aired thier views on the plans and refuse to think it is realistic or well thought out.
Im getting a bit worried and would like some honest opinions preferrably to put my mind at rest!!!!

We are going to be travelling on a budget so are gonig to try hard to keep the costs down!

the route is...

november 1st - january 22nd - THAILAND
january 23rd - may 22nd - AUSTRALIA
may 23rd - june 26th - NEW ZEALAND
june 27th - july 10th - FIJI
july 11th - august 7th - USA

83 days thailand
119 days in australia
35 days in nz
14 days in fiji
28 days in usa

and our budget plan is...(per person)


Thai train £150 - Bangkok - north then south to islands and singapore.
Thai volunthai - £200 - one month
food + acc inc.

Thai food £400
Thai 6 week accomodation £420 - £10 per night
Thai visa - £37


Aus van price - £1000
Aus petrol price -£500
Aus van insurance 4 months - £400 each
Aus 4 month food - £500 - £30 p/w


NZ Buying Station Wagon -£600 = £400 each
NZ food - £150 - £30 p/w
Petrol - £115
Ferry - £52


Fiji 14 days (food accom + transport) - £500
£35 per day.
hotel accom £ usually per room food inc.


USA domestic flight - £150 each
USA visa - £90
USA 4 week food - £ 300
USA 4 week accomodation - (£20 p/n) £560
USA West coast greyhound - £150
LA-SF - £30

USA DC-NY -£20



So we are trying to save around 5500-6000 each
becasue we are hoping that by buying a campervan in oz and a car in nz we can sell them on and get some money back.
and any extra we save would go towards fun stufff

any helpp would be great!!

2. Posted by murphc09 (Budding Member 57 posts) 7y

You've thought it out pretty well I think, you've taken into account any major expense along they way and also worked out transport costs etc. I've given myself a daily budget but I'll have to pay any transport and accom out of my daily allowance so some days I may go over when booking tours etc, I'll then have to re-calculate my budget for that time.

I booked my trip last week leaving this September!

Thailand (1 month) £900 £30 per day (1586.89 THb)
Laos ( 2 weeks) £300 £20 per day (1058.77 THB)
Bali (3 months) £2,000 £22 per day (310,414.36 IDR)
Australia ( 3 months) £3,000 £33 per day (59.2813 AUD)
NZ ( 2 months) £2,000 £33 per day (75 NZD)
Fiji (2 weeks) £500 £28 per day (82.0474 FJD)
LA (one month)£1,500 £50 per day (66.9102 USD)

Total = £10,200

3. Posted by henrique (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y

i would say for thailand £10/night (500THB) is perhaps a little too optimist
you might be looking at 15 - 20 for very simple acc
but food is pretty cheap 30 - 150 bahts per meal

but i was there 2 years ago, might be different now with the conflicts and stuff

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4. Posted by Marmite1 (Budding Member 6 posts) 7y

ok thanks :)

do you know whether the room or accomodation in thailand is charged per room or per person
im presuming it is per room therefore i budgetted at £10 each so £20 between us for a room.

5. Posted by murphc09 (Budding Member 57 posts) 7y

i would say for thailand £10/night (500THB) is perhaps a little too optimist
you might be looking at 15 - 20 for very simple acc
but food is pretty cheap 30 - 150 bahts per meal

but i was there 2 years ago, might be different now with the conflicts and stuff

are you sure? I've done lots of re-search and have found rooms in every area of thailand for between 8-12 pounds.

Bangkok - 350 bht per night.
Koh Tao - 500 bht per night.
Koh Samui - 450 bht per night.
Koh Phangan - 500 bht per night.
Nang Yuan - 500 bht per night.

all less than a tenner... and only used one website!

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6. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 1997 posts) 7y

In reference to your costs in the US, I'd say you'll have to do some real detective work to find a room for GBP 20 a night ($33.). What if the hostels are full, and they might well be since you're coming at prime vacation time for Americans. The cheapest motel rooms are usually about $45. a night (smaller cities) at Motel 6, and if you're planning on LA, SF, DC or NY, there are damn few accommodations under $60. a night. (remember to add local taxes to these figures)

You also need to double your food cost estimate (almost impossible to buy a fast food meal for less than $3. per person with coffee/tea usually priced well over $1.).

This ain't no cheap place to live!

Are you familiar with bottle recycling (it usually pays .05 a container redeemable at a grocery)?

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7. Posted by WebGuy (Full Member 106 posts) 7y

Yup. I agree w/ Daawgon. Even cheap hotels are around $45 a night, a motel 6 in a larger city is def $60+

If you guys live off Top Ramen, you can probably do the food for about $3 a day, but if not, single meals are between $7-$14 depending on where you go. And you have to remember, the Euro is worth more than the dollar, so you will lose money in the currency exchange. $1USD = €0.7145

8. Posted by bgl (Full Member 167 posts) 7y

Marmite1 is from the UK and all the estimates she's quoting are in Pound Sterling. I don't believe she will have do deal with Euros anywhere on her trip. And £1.00 is approx. US$1.58-US$1.60 so she'll be getting plenty of Dollars for her Pound Sterling. Doesn't mean she still won't find prices high while in the U.S....!

9. Posted by WebGuy (Full Member 106 posts) 7y

looks like I need to brush on my symbols, thanks murphc!

OP: Disregard my Euro remark, my bad.

10. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 7y

The price for Fiji might be a bit low unless you really plan to do absolutely nothing the whole time you are there and stay in a trashy dump hostel in downtown Nadi. Even at a place like Beachcomber where you are bundled in like a tin of sardines in an 86 bed dorm, you would be up for more than you are saying without even paying for the costs of getting there and back as well as doing any activities whilst in Fiji. Really you don't want to just be doing nothing the whole time you are in Fiji. It is a really nice country, but you can only do so much relaxing before it gets to the point that you want to do something other than snorkel and relax on the beach!

I recently came back from fiji and went through more than the equivalent of 450 pounds in 9 days and I didn't have to pay for accommodation on 4 of those days. I did do a couple of cheaper activities whilst I was there though which added to the cost and this was after the Fiji Dollar got devalued by 20% so had I gone a couple of weeks before it would have cost 20% more than it did.

The amount for the US might be a bit optimistic depending on where you are going there. Like in New York, Honolulu, Washington DC, Los Angeles you would most likely be paying quite a bit more than you have allocated. In other places in the US then you could probably get some hostels cheap enough to fit within your budget but if it was not a hostel then you would have way under budgeted. If you are from the UK you might not need a visa for the US unless you've done some criminal stuff in the past. As far as I know the visa waiver program is still open to UK passport holders going to the US for tourism purposes for stays of less than 90 days. If you do use the Visa Waiver program, make sure you don't forget to fill in the electronic form online at least 72 hours prior to turning up to the border. If you forget to do that and don't have a valid visa you'll most likely get sent packing on the next plane out of the country.

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