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What are some good travel tips?

Travel Forums Europe What are some good travel tips?

1. Posted by namdev (Budding Member 9 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I'm planning a vacation to UK and I need all the travel tips you got.

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3. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1839 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

You need to give some details so we can narrow down what you want.

Accommodation is expensive in general. Cheaper when kids at school, like September (after summer). Extensive public transport around Britain with passes to save money. Rail tickets can often be bought cheaper on line. Also budget airlines for longer distances. Beware of pick pockets in central London, and crowds.

Lots of supermarkets to buy food and drink rather than expensive restaurants and less expensive cafes. Lots and lots of places to see. You really need to plan before you go. Buy yourself a good map and try to find accommodation near an Underground station in London. Take an umbrella and wear comfortable walking shoes. Lots of walking.

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4. Posted by Calcruzer (Travel Guru 1999 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Travel tips for the UK--and some for traveling in general:

(1) Get a copy of the London Underground map prior to arrival and map out some of the places you plan to go to in London prior to leaving India. That way, you can figure out which lines will take you where once you arrive. Be sure to buy Day passes or a week-long pass (preferably travelcards) for the underground since point-to-point passes are much more expensive in the long run. Here's a website that explains this:

Do the same for your trip around the UK--get a map and plan the journey, and see everything in one region of the country at one time.

(2) Plan to travel around the UK either by train or car, not by plane. (the only exception might be when going to see Edinburgh, York, and Scotland which are fairly far north--but even this is probably easier by train if you have the time--since a single rail pass covers the cost. If you don't have the time, book ahead on Ryanair or Flyme or some other discount plane service, but arrive on time, since they will charge you--and you won't fly-- if you don't arrive at least 45 minutes prior to flight time.) Trains are probably the most convenient and you can buy 14 day passes prior to leaving India to get the best discounts. Go to this site to determine which pass works best for you (there are ones just for areas near London, ones for just England, ones for just England and Wales, ones for England, Wales and Scotland, and ones for all of the UK plus Ireland (which even covers the ferry going across from Wales to Ireland). The main site to determine the best routes and shortest times and where to change trains to get from one place to another is here:

(3) When leaving London's Heathrow Airport, there are three different rail options to get to London:
(a) The Heathrow express, which is 15 minutes long and costs 16.50 UK pounds each way, in an uncrowded railway car
(b) Buying a ticket to Southhall (5.50 UK pounds), and then buying a ticket from Southhall to London Paddington (3.70 UK pounds)--(total of 9.20 UK pounds each way)--takes about 30 minutes total, all in railroad cars
(c) Take an underground line to London from the airport (cost 4.00 UK pounds each way)--takes from 45 minutes to an hour, but you are in a crowded subway car
As you can see, the cost varies dramatically, so choose the option that suits you best.

(4) There are many places to go and get "2 for 1" deals on meals, admission to museums, and even sometimes on theatre tickets (for example, in Leicester Square, near the underground station there are about 4 places to get half-price theatre tickets for that evening's performances).

(5) Be sure to get out to a few of the pubs--this is part of the fun of being in the UK--so go find a crowd and try to make a few friends if possible. I find the smaller cities are better for this, since the people there are more likely to start up conversations with people they recognize as being from out-of-town.

(6) Don't worry about rushing from place to place, but rather take some time to "dally" a while when you find a place you like. Yes, this may keep you from getting to all 10 places I suggested on my list--but then you'll just have to plan another trip back to the UK in a few months or years--and how bad can that be?

(7) I've listed a few ways to save money, but remember that you should also take a day or two to splurge on a night out at a restaurant or nightclub or a ticket to the theatre or buying something to take home (like a nice clothing outfit or something similar) to remember your trip.

(8) Don't push yourself on your first day right after flying in. Jet lag will hit you early that afternoon--so plan to go to bed early that day, and get gradually acclimated to the new time change. You will be much more ready for a night out or a long day out on the following day.

(9) Try to enjoy yourself--and not be overly concerned with costs, schedules, decisions, setbacks, delays, etc. Remember that only you can decide if you are going to let these things bother you--or whether you'll enjoy your trip no matter the small problems--and there are always some small glitches. In the long run, the minor glitches are just that--minor--and the sooner you forget about them, the sooner you can enjoy the good part of your trip.

5. Posted by Calcruzer (Travel Guru 1999 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Oh, one last piece of advice--

(10) Pack light--you and your wife should between you have two carry-on bags, plus possibly a camera bag and her purse. Anything more than that and you are packing too much. (In fact, you should have some empty space in the carry-on to add something you wish to purchase while on your trip). Plan on wearing some of your outfits and shoes multiple times--and expect to wash them (or have the hotel wash them for you) during your trip.

These people that feel like they have to pack like they plan to scale Mt. Everest and have 27 sherpas to haul their suitcases just drive me nuts--especially when they get on a train and wonder why you get upset when they haul their 30 kilo suitcase down the aisle and then place it where it blocks your ability to get in or out of your seat.

It's a two or three week trip that you are taking to a civilized country--not a trip to a different solar system. You will thank me when you have to haul your luggage a few blocks to a hotel--or get it to fit in the luggage rack on the train and plane.


6. Posted by namdev (Budding Member 9 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Thanks friend for such a nice info.

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