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A trip in South America

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean A trip in South America

1. Posted by Tuchkata (Budding Member 6 posts) 7y

Hi, I'm from Bulgaria and I'm searching for a trip all around South America for the next year. The places that I really want to visit are Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and maybe Sao Paulo but the last one is not so important. Actually now I live in Germany and I'm searching for a flight from maybe Frankfurt but Madrid and Paris are good chances as well. I want to ask how much will cost the whole trip and how much is for example a bus from Buenos Aires to Bogota and what are the prices in South America at all. I am also intersted to know how much should I give for Hostels and food and are there some cheap flights from Buenos Aires or Rio to Bogota. Thank you in advance. Hope to help me soon :)

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2. Posted by Tuchkata (Budding Member 6 posts) 7y

I forgot to say that I want to spent about 10-14 days in South America ( better 14 if I have money :) )

3. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 7y

Why just the big cities? are you not wanting to see a bit more of the countries?! or have you already been to these countries?


4. Posted by Tuchkata (Budding Member 6 posts) 7y

I don't think that I'll have enough time to see the whole countries. I really want to see them all and not only Colombia, Argentina and Brasil but I think that for 14 days I can't see everything and it is actually my first trip away from Europe but I'm sure I'll go back to South America to see everything but up to now I'm interested only in this cities and regions. If you have some other good suggestions you can just say them :)

5. Posted by Tuchkata (Budding Member 6 posts) 7y

I saw the distances between the cities and I'm not interested in buses any more :D How much will be a flight between Buenos Aires and Bogota and between Bogota and Rio de Janeiro ? Any ideas ?