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To Thailand or Europe - I'm Going Nutso w/ Excitement

Travel Forums General Talk To Thailand or Europe - I'm Going Nutso w/ Excitement

1. Posted by lightpost (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

It's been a real sea saw decision trying to make up our minds on this one. Both such wonderful places. So here's the deal:

This is my first trip with my girlfriend outside the US. We've been trying to do this for a year but our jobs have been conflicting, so the stakes are high as we rarely get 10 days off. I'm trying to figure out what would be the best time us.

I've been to Europe about 4 times and love it. I'm tempted to try something new, but the charm of Europe for a couple seems like it would be amazing - which I've never experienced. My girlfriend loves overcast weather, writing, books, history, art, urban cities but isn't much of a beach person. I can't help but feel like she'd really like Europe with that description. We're both on the fence, I just don't want us to pick wrong. Here's some other things:

-We do need to keep budget in mind.
-We only have 10 days.
-I like exotic travel, really roughing it, experience crazy different things, opening your mind to a different way of living.
-We're leaving in the end of July to early August (not sure about weather in Thailand area).
-Safety is a concern for my gf. Is Thailand a problem here?

I don't know much about Thailand/Laos/Vietnam, so maybe I should be asking for links on more info.

Any advice here?

Thanks so much everyone :)

2. Posted by Redpaddy (Inactive 1004 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Where have you (or haven't you been yet) in Europe??
It's a vast place - bigger than Australia!!

3. Posted by lightpost (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I've been to:

-Italy (4 times)

So not bad. I haven't explored much of Spain though and some of those places above I only spent 3 days in at times. When I look at things that way it almost seems like a whole new world would be nice to explore, but I'm more concerned about picking something that works better as a couple than my own agenda to cover the world ;)

4. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 2009 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

With only 10 days, and your gf's interests, sounds like Europe to me, but why mid-summer? Seems to me you could save big, and enjoy Europe more, by going in the fall. Save Thailand for when you have 3 weeks at least (you would fry this time of year anyhow - just as safe as Europe, but if she's not into beaches, then Indochina might be a better option.)

5. Posted by Redpaddy (Inactive 1004 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I'd go with Post#4# to a vast degree.
To save money - try more of Eastern Europe, rather than the Western bit. You've been to The Czech republic (lovely, isn't it), so I'm assuming you've done Praha. A wonderful city, but also - after Moscow, the most expensive in Eastern Europe. And in fact - there are prices in Moscow for certain things, that if you know your way around, are still cheaper than in Praha.
Bulgaria is overall cheaper than Thailand for lots of things, including meals and a room. Also weatherwise, the temperatures between Bulgaria and Romania (next door) won't be far off those in Thailand, during the summer months. It's not unusual during the Summer months for the temperature in Bucuresti and Sofia to be in the 40's.
Spain's good - but a lot more expensive than Eastern Europe (and Thailand). Expect sweltering heat in the South, especially around Sevilla - where it gets up to 45+c in the summer. Incidentally just for your info, Bulgaria is the driest country in Europe - and Romania is the sunniest.
If you'd like more info - I'll PM you later.
Sounds like a great trip.

6. Posted by nardtayar (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I would like to share some comment from a Thai's perspective. As for the safety concern, it is totally safe here(the news about the mob in April seems too exaggerate than it actually is. And it has already end within 2 days. I live in Bangkok and I do live life as normal). If you have already experienced Europe that much, why not spending your 10 days in the whole new world instead, especially when 'budget' is one of your key concern. You can enjoy life more out of your money in Thailand. (Bangkok is ranked as the no.1 Best Value for money destination). You would get very good deal in such low time as well. If you are not a beach persons, I would suggest Bangkok, Ayudhaya and Chiangmai. More days in Bangkok(shopping at Jatujag weekend market already requires one full day), second rank to Chiangmai. I can guarantee you the exotic travel with the whole new experience here. Every tourists I met in Bangkok say they love Bangkok so much and will come back agian. I think it has so many things to offer to you especially when you would like to open up your mind and experience different way of living). By the way, it is rainy season but it is a big-gulp rain and stop. It won't rain the whole day. Just prepare umbrella and that's it.

I personally like Europe so much and have traveled to Europe 4 times already. The last trip in Europe make me feel like enough for Europe since it starts to looks the same after a couple trips. I would change my journey plan to explore Asia going forward as well.