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11. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 7y

Great news, well done everyone (and particularly Isa).

12. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 7y

Yup - another duplicate post. Oh, the chances one takes, hoping not to be flagged or deleted, just to get announcements out there... But, knowing those who check the Wiki Forum don't necessarily play in Off Topic (and vice versa), I'm willing to take that chance and pay the price...

Greetings All You Lovely TP Members You!!!!!!

Once again, we have reasons to celebrate down in the TP Martini Lounge!!!!!! (Just follow the dungeon stairs and sound of live music.)

I am exceptionally pleased to announce that two new spokes have been added to the TP Foundation's umbrella. Okay, one spoke is in place and the second is almost completed. What are they? Well, wouldn't you like to know! Oh, you would... Well, that's different now isn't it... But, since you insist...

Follow the dungeon stairs to the Blog Bar before hitting the Martini Lounge. There all will be explained. (Oh come on. Seriously. You didn't think I was just going to post it all here and not make you read the blog did you? Hmmmm. Guess so. Too bad!)

Honestly, these are two really, really good programs and worth clicking the above link. We'll have your drink of choice waiting for you when you visit the Lounge. ;)

ps: Since we have made two announcements, we decided that we should have equal entertainment. Tonight - please welcome Eric Clapton and B.B. King to the stage!!!!! Don't forget to stop by the Blog Bar before the Martini Lounge. Two free drinks with each Blog Bar hand stamp.

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13. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 7y

Quoting Isadora

[I am exceptionally pleased to announce that two new spokes have been added to the TP Foundation's umbrella. Okay, one spoke is in place and the second is almost completed. What are they? Well, wouldn't you like to know! Oh, you would... Well, that's different now isn't it... But, since you insist...

Just a quick update on the TP Foundation's umbrella...

The two new spokes mentioned above are now fully in place and I think you all should take a look! They are very cool but don't take my word for it - check it out for yourselves. Please. Pretty please. With sugar on it.

TRAVEL UNRAVELLED - A Traveler's Self Help Guide - This blog will be written by travelers for travelers. Yup, that means you. Please see the Welcome to Travel Unravelled, posted by Peter, for the details. Then, stick around a bit longer and read the first TP member submission - How to Travel With Confidence - posted by our favorite brew master, Beerman.


The Book Club is another blog that will be written by members for members. It's easy - read a book then write a review! Follow the above link for the About The Book Club information and then take a peek at two reviews already submitted:

Lost on Planet China - by J Maarten Troost
No-Man's Lands: One Man's Odyssey Through The Odyssey - By Scott Huler

Both the Travel Unravelled and The Book Club blogs will be generating funds for the Foundation in their own ways. Again, these contributions will be used to support Kiva loans. Thank you for your participation!!

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14. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 7y

Hola All!

Yup - another Foundation update! TPF has made the first set of four loans to Kiva on August 5, 2009. Within 24 hours, two of our choices - Aminata Ndao in Dakar, Senegal and The Pel Lys Group in Siem Reap, Cambodia were fully funded!

For more information and to see all of our recipient Entrepreneurs:


15. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 7y

Yup - it's that time again! Four more loans were made this morning (my time) and the blog entry has been posted:


The previous set of loans involved agriculture and livestock (food). The four loans made today revolve around the making and selling of clothing.

Thanks for your time and enjoy!

16. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 7y

Boy, am I late to my own party!!!

Since the last post, two more sets of loans have been made some questions answered and the blog entries published:

August 30, 2009: "The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of."
There, you will find the answers to question about the fate of Entrepreneurs if full funding is not achieved. Thankfully, Kiva has not had that experience as of yet. (And neither have we.)

September 2, 2009: A House Is A Home
This entry introduces 4 new recipients. The theme surrounds housing and shelter - from building a home to having indoor plumbing installed.

September 16, 2009: An Apple A Day...
Again, 4 new loans were made. We were able to find 3 requesting funds for healthcare-related projects. Two revolve around human health and the third is for a veterinary pharmacy. The final loan covered transportation of fruits, vegetables and consumer goods.

We have also started receiving repayments from 6 of the first 8 Entrepreneurs chosen, which you will read about in the last blog entry as well.

So, go take a look and see you on September 30th!

17. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 7y

I know there's been a little break in the action lately but for those following the TPF blog (or want to get acquainted with it), a new entry was posted today. We have made 4 more $50.00 loans covering various sectors.

Please check out HELP WANTED: No Application required.

Free martinis down at the TP Martini Lounge for anyone up to the challenge of contributing to the Travel Unravelled and/or Book Club blogs!!! We're always looking for authors... (Okay, they may be virtual martinis but they are tasty.)

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19. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 7y

Check out the latest TPF blog entry!

Have You Ever Seen A Hippo?

Not only will you get to see real hippo butts, but also learn about the latest TP wiki challenge. (You think I'm kidding about the hippo butts...)

For more information on above mentioned challenge - besides following the links in the TPF blog - you can also take this route:

The Hippo Roller Challenge

Ah, go for the blog links. You know you want to see if I'm joking about hippo butts.

20. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 6y

Hey Kids!

There are new entries for all of TPF's blogs! Please stop by for a visit!

Our Two Cents Worth...

Oh, The Questions Of A Thousand Dreams which introduces you to our latest Kiva loan recipients and ushers in the New Year.

Sunny Side Up, Please... covers the year end financial report for those in love with numbers. We've done well!!!!

Travel Unravelled Blog

Let The Milk of Human Kindness Flow is one of the featured blogs and highlights the reasons for traveling with a smile. Or, all the reasons not to frown.

The Book Club

Don't Stop The Carnival is the review of a Herman Wouk book. Though better known for his Winds of War and Marjorie Morningstar offerings, Carnival is great if you happen to like the tropics.

Again, please take a few minutes to enjoy our written offerings!!