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1. Posted by Girlaway (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y

He peops !!

I just came across the introduction thingy, I've already posted some stuff but I guess its never to late to introduce yourself:)

I'm Priscilla, 20 years old. I'll be going to BKK for 6 months, plan on seeing lots of stuff. After this an internship somewhere on this globe then I'll graduate and then...SEE THE WORLD

I look forward to posting with yu'all !!
...anduh if you're around me, I'd love to meet you !

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5845 posts) 12y

Hey Priscilla,

Welcome to the site! Nice to have you around. Looks like you have your priorities straight ;)


3. Posted by Mit (Budding Member 15 posts) 12y

Hello everyone!!!
I really cant remember anymore how i found this site, but im very glad found it!!This is exactly what i've been lookong for!!
I've posted already somethings too, without introducing myself..but here it comes: Im 20 years old, and just moved 1 month ago from Finlad to London.I am a first year law student in Kingston University,and so far i everything has been just great!!!
Now counting days until my second trip to Thailand in January..cant wait!!!

4. Posted by kikay (Budding Member 37 posts) 12y

welcome girlaway and mit :) i was finally able to redeem my free ticket from northwest airlines' worldperks mileage programme going to ireland this january! yay!

5. Posted by Girlaway (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y

Thanks for welcoming me !!

Quoting Peter

Looks like you have your priorities straight ;)

...haha I try to !

Congrats with the ticket Kikay, Ireland is a nice place to visit, you should definetly go horseriding there, I myself have never been to Ireland but a couple of my friends have and they loved it

...anduh welcome to the site Mit :)