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New Years gathering in Sydney for TP members

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific New Years gathering in Sydney for TP members

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71. Posted by WebGuy (Full Member 106 posts) 7y

Welcome to the boards Gooseman and to the NYE party!

Check out the First page of this thread and the Lane Cover Tourists Park is where we are staying. The dates for us us Dec 23rd - Jan 2 with a few members arriving in between these dates.

72. Posted by emma297UK (Budding Member 26 posts) 7y

hey guys,

been away working for a while great to get back and see kiimi and danielle have book flights yeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaa lol - what date do u arrive? so awesome!!!!!

iv got 12 weeks and counting - you off yet Tim?

welcome to the group gooseman - campervan sounds like and awesome plane got room 4 a little one lol - when do you get to OZ? this is going to be awesome hope you can make it anyway.

Iv added you guys onto facebook (EmmaWilliams) so keep in touch,

kool guys glad to see plans are moving forward n cant wait to meet you all

x Em x

73. Posted by WebGuy (Full Member 106 posts) 7y

Quoting emma297UK

iv got 12 weeks and counting - you off yet Tim?

2 weeks buddy and I am outtie! Time is moving real fast as well, so I'm sure before I know it, it'll the time to get on the plane!! w000t!

[ Edit: Edited on 30-Jun-2009, at 10:15 by WebGuy ]

74. Posted by amzjunior (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

hey everyone,
im new to the website but was browsin nd came across your NYE campin idea. may i firstly say its an awesume idea.
i read threw most of the threads nd think that theres 7 of you sofar.
do you think that there is room for 1 more??
ive never gone travellin before nd il be on my own so would really appriate a good group of people around me
what do you recon?
amy x

75. Posted by WebGuy (Full Member 106 posts) 7y

Hi Amy,
Yup, we do still have a spot available and we can easily add more to the group if we need to. All you gotta do is let us know the time you arrive. Some of us arrive on the 23rd while others arrive on the 27th. We are staying till the 2nd so most of us will be there for at least a week.

Dont worry about traveling alone, quite a few people in this group are also traveling alone as well. What are your plans for and when do you expect to arrive in Aus first?

If you've got a Facebook account, add us to your friends list,we've posted out links in one of the previous threads. Just in case though, mine is TravelingWebGuy

glad you're considering hanging out for NYE! Welcome aboard and welcome to TP.

76. Posted by amzjunior (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

wicked, thankyou.
im gettin to australia of the end of november/ beggining of december and stayin with some friends of friends for like a week before tryin to do my own thing nd find a job so if people are gettin there for the 23rd then could get there around nd meet up with them, if their cool with that.
yer il add you on faceboook that would be great, thanks and thanks for welcoming me in
amy x

77. Posted by Mike.M89 (Budding Member 80 posts) 7y

Welcome aboard Gooseman and Amy, excellent to see more people getting involved in this :)

I have a 4 person booking for the 23rd till the 27th, when we will join Tims group pitch. If you're planning on arriving early Amy (or anyone else!) get in touch and ill add a few extra places on to my booking!

Probably easier for new members to the thread to give their Facebook details rather than everyone post again, unless you want to update the original post Tim with whos gonna be there and their FB name?

Hope everyones well and planning is coming along well!
Take it easy


78. Posted by dmasnick84 (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

I'm new here, but just reading through this discussion, I was struck by how awesome it is that an online forum can connect like-minded people who're willing to camp together over New Years'! It's really crazy if you think about it. Got to love the internet for bringing people together. Take care guys :D

79. Posted by oz_dudley (Budding Member 26 posts) 7y

hey, im new to this travelling also, and I am travelling alone from Dec' time, via oz-experience, aiming to be in sydney for this time, sounds like a fantastic idea!

are many people in my same boat- ie alone? any help/pointers/tips would be much appreciated!!! as I'm sure you all know, 1st time- its a minefield of options out there!!!

80. Posted by Gooseman (Budding Member 13 posts) 7y

Wooooooooooohhhhhhhhhoooooooooo Booookeddd tickets at wknd getting into
cairns on the 26th of august:).

Me and my friend becky are so looking forward to meeting new ppl.

Im sure there will be plenty room for 3in the bed in out tiny camper emma hehe

Ware you heading for first emma,

Add me to facebook as calum grant if you like;).


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