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Working Abroad as an Accountant

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1. Posted by SassyKitty (Budding Member 46 posts) 7y

So I'm currently in the process of doing my accounting degree, and all while my feet are itchier than anything. I finish in a couple of years, and really want to go work overseas as soon as I have my degree. I'm leaning heavily towards Dubai, but I'm also considering other options, basically anywhere that's not the vicinity of North America. But then I was discouraged recently when I was told that it's hard to get a job in Dubai before you've had 2 years worth of work experience, and I'm wondering if this is really true. If that is true, then I have stumbled across a website (Hamilton Recruitment) that can set up newly qualified CPAs with 2 year contracts in places such as Bermuda and Grand Cayman, but then as I'm currently in the US I'd rather go someplace that's less in my own backyard than, say, the Caribbean. Though that said, it's not something I'd blow off completely as those places would be good for networking with people who could take me further afield eventually.

I really don't know what questions to ask, except to say I need ideas on how to make my dream become a reality. I'll be 30 when I finish my degree(so not quite as much of my life ahead of me as many new graduates), and what I would like to do is work for a few years, save so I can do my MBA in Europe somewhere, and then once I finish that either stay there or move back to Australia(where I have lived before, but unfortunately I don't have residency/citizenship, otherwise I'd either still be there or taking advantage of working holiday visa options that you should feel very blessed if you have citizenship in a country that has those).

While I'm normally good at Googling, this has been a particularly hard search to get any decent results on. I'd just like to know what locations are good for a highly adventurous newly qualified CPA to get some work. If it helps, I could probably function in the workplace with my Spanish and/or French once I've worked on those languages a little bit more.

2. Posted by Swept Away (Travel Guru 1113 posts) 7y

I have a friend/neighbor who is the Cayman island to be an accountant... Some people are so lucky... good luck.

3. Posted by SassyKitty (Budding Member 46 posts) 7y

Ah, no such thing as luck, just being determined to not settle for ordinary. It would just be so nice if it could happen instantly!

Though in the Cayman Islands, and Bermuda, I could make upwards of US$50K/year tax free, not bad, not bad. Same with Dubai, but very eager to crack what I need to do to get my foot in the door on that one.

4. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 7y

... what I would like to do is work for a few years, save so I can do my MBA in Europe somewhere, and then once I finish that either stay there or move back to Australia ... .

That is probably the best plan, even if you have to do that in the USA.

If you get a degree from a European university (MBA) this is usually your ticket to immigration into the country where you got the degree. In most European countries foreign university graduates are given a chance to find a job that suits their acquired qualifications. If they manage to find a job within a year of graduating they can get a work permit and ultimatively a permanent residency permit.

An option you could look at right now would be to work as civil servant for the US Armed Forces abroad. Or Peace Corps maybe? For anything else you are simply not qualified enough yet, I am afraid.

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5. Posted by SassyKitty (Budding Member 46 posts) 7y

Hmmm, Peace Corps, maybe, but then I'm thinking there has got to be a way to be able to do something as soon as I graduate, at least the Bermuda/Grand Cayman deal said they'll take newly qualified CPAs. It's me feeling my age, I don't want to be in my mid-30s when I finally get to go overseas again. Unless that pill they've been talking about to delay menopause gets made and sold, soon.