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Looking for travel companions Russia July 26 to Aug. 16 '09

Travel Forums Travel Companions Looking for travel companions Russia July 26 to Aug. 16 '09

1. Posted by E1ise (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y

Hi everybody!

I will be in Russia in the dates mentionned above. I'm leaving alone, but definitly would like to meet other travelers!

I will arrive in Moscow, probably spend there the first days, and then well my travelplans will depend on the people I will enter in contact with. I would realy like to see more than Moscow and St-Petersburg. Going East or South to see some mountainous regions or exotic landscapes would be great! The only thing wich will limit me is my small budget, but maybe there is some really cheap ways to travel overthere... I'm interested in both cities and nature.

I'm looking for friendly, uncomplicated people around my age (23).

It doesn't has to be for the whole three weeks of my trip, it could also be just for a few days or meeting somewhere to eat or drink something and exchange some tips about places to go, things to do...

Don't hesitate to enter in contact with me, even if it's at the last minute or during my trip!
The more the merrier ;)

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2. Posted by fodis (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

Hi Elise,

I am going to have a trip by Ural rivers, because of that I leave SPb by 31 of July. But even on 30th of July I could show you the town. Personally, I do not like when the most of my trip consist of museums overview. So we can walk through the town and I could show you one of my favorite routes that allows to see how different SPb can be ))) Anyway, do not forget to look at the town from rivers. You always can found motor boat excursions at the Nevskiy Prospect metro station.

Wish to have a beautiful trip,

3. Posted by E1ise (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y

Hi Denis,

Many thanks for the proposition, I'll keep it in mind! Peter is of course in my plans, cause everybody say i have to see it, that it's even more beautiful than Moscow. I guess i could manage to be there on the 30th. And thanks for the tips too! Do you recommand night trains? That's what i think i will use.

Is it ok if i contact you once I'm in Moscow (26.), or maybe you have to know earlier?

Wish you a nice day from Berlin!

4. Posted by fodis (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

Hi Elise,

I use night trains and I prefer seating coaches because they are cheaper and comfortable for me. Anyway, you can use a site of RZD (Russian Railways Roads - => to find the best time. The price here is the best from my practice. I do not like ticket offices because of possible queues. The problem here is in Russian only interface for buying tickets. But it is not rich and may be you can understand it. The benefit here that you can use credit card to buy the ticket, easier find the best time and avoid any conversations with a women in a ticket office. There are some number of ATM on the main railway stations. Such ATM just scans your paper that you have received on the site and prints a ticket. Of course, you can just give the paper to the ticket office window. Anyway, it is just an option, that can be useful during a trip in Russia.

26th is ok for me.

Feel free to ask if you have other questions,