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Avoiding the trots. (diarrhoea)

Travel Forums General Talk Avoiding the trots. (diarrhoea)


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21. Posted by 3rdmonky (Budding Member 15 posts) 7y

Of course, one of those ewww things that people don't talk about is what you do when it just hits you & you don't have more than a few moments to find a toilet.

Any ideas if you are wandering the streets of a random city or on a bus that's crowded or not stopping for a long time etc...? Or the advice we all hope we never need: ideas for dealing with it if you "can't" get to that toilet...?

Good advice above though, thanks guys :)

22. Posted by BedouinLeo (Inactive 698 posts) 7y

Your best move is to go to a pharmacist you trust and that other people around you say good things about. Ask her/him your questions - they are highly trained to be ready for the most harshest of questions and your request will be sorted out. I find pharmacists in many cases better than a GP when it comes to advice.

23. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 7y

Any ideas if you are wandering the streets of a random city or on a bus that's crowded or not stopping for a long time etc...?

Long-distance buses usually have toilets. Wandering the streets: Keep your eyes peeled, once you have travelled a bit you usually know where toilets are. Shopping malls, restaurants, bus stations, train stations, museums, etc.

Or the advice we all hope we never need: ideas for dealing with it if you "can't" get to that toilet...?

Get to the next toilet and clean yourself up.

Girls with strong irregular periods are at a big advantage here: They usually have a second pair of undies, toilet paper, sanitary wet handwipes and pads with them and are used to dealing with mishaps.

A second pair of undies and wet wipes can be life-safers in these situations.

24. Posted by colinmc (Full Member 129 posts) 7y

Quoting si403

thanks for the advice. any idea where (which shops/online) these are available from in the UK?

hey u can get Acidophilus from holland and barrett,

25. Posted by toddom82 (Budding Member 6 posts) 7y

I get a prescription for Ciprofloxacin. I only take it if i need it, but it can be a trip saver. Sick one day better the next.

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27. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 7y

There are some interesting responces on this thread. Luckily, I haven't been the victum of traveller's diarrhoea. But there is one thing that I want to share with you. After hearing the hype about hand sanitizers, I went out and bought some. Living in Canada, where there is clean water aplenty, I was about to cook myself dinner. But being too lazy to wash my hands properly with soap and water, I squirted a bit of hand sanitizer onto them and went about it. It was a meal I had cooked many times before without getting sick, and, furthermore, I always meticulously wash every piece of fruit or veggie and am very careful with meat, so I know that it wasn't the food. But afterwards, I had a really bad case of the runs and spent quite a while on the pot! The only thing I can attribute this to is the chemicals in the hand sanitizer. Never will I ever use that stuff again before I eat or before I prepare a meal, reserving it for when I am out in the woods and am forced to wipe my behind with a leaf! Although I have never tried the rubbing alcohol route (and may have to, considering my reaction), you may, si403, be just reacting to your hand sanitizer at times! Who knows?

One other thing, I have also heard, and it hasn't been mentioned yet, but it is advisable to also avoid eating shellfish, cooked or raw.

A friend of mine said that she had a bad case of traveller's diarrhoea in South East Asia last year, and said that you should always continue eating despite the diarrhoea, that stopping eating isn't good for you.

That's my (interesting) twist on things. Happy travels in Costa Rica!


28. Posted by thepionier (Budding Member 9 posts) 7y

In response to Isadora's unsubstantiated claim that men have dirtier hands, I'd like to offer a rebuttal.

In fact, the study concluded that more bacteria is found on Women's hands than Men's. This can possibly be attributed to acidic rates and lotions used by females as detailed in this study:

  • in 3rd grader voice, "women have cooOOOoodies"

Nevertheless, we're both mangy and dirty creatures, so try to keep as clean as you can and eat fresh!

Quoting Isadora

Within the past year (can't remember exactly when but will try to find the results to post a link), a university collected random samples of the "stuff under one's fingernails" from people on the street in New York City. They chose an equal number of male and female subjects across all lines of work. They were testing for fecal material. Guess what they found... Yup. Men proved to be less vigilant in hand-washing than women and women did use hand sanitizers more often than men. Regardless, just keep in mind that the person preparing your food may not have washed their hands very well.

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30. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 7y

Hmmm . . .

Just a little tidbit about the study thing. . . . Hand sanitizers don't clean the, uh, poop that can get under the nailbed out . . . So perhaps the study isn't necessarily substantive as to cleanliness. Not to say it isn't disguisting . However, I suppose that when you eat fingerfood, if you have unclean nailbeds, it certainly can transfer to the food, therefore causing one to get sick. Does anyone know how clean hand sanitizers get the nailbed? . . . It must depend on whether or not you get the hand sanitizer under there . . . and who has the patience to meticulously sanitize every nail?