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11. Posted by jlnemenz (Budding Member 11 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hey lamar, thanks for the advice! It´s good to know about quality packs such as yours, it does sound nice for travelling and it has a ton of features I liked. I think I will start my own thread and stop hijacking yours!

Basically, I´m moving from Mexico to Europe...hopefully the Netherlands will be my first residence, as I hope to enter a uni there and study a Masters degree. However, suitcases here are expensive and not that good, that´s what got me thinking about military packs/bags. As I mentioned, I have to pack my life in two suitcases/bags and a carry on (which I already have, a Targus).

I´ll start my thread because I´m very interested in sensible advice on my particular case, and I don´t feel it´s OK to hijack another person´s thread either (however nice they´ve been about it). Best of luck in your travels...I feel this site will be one I will be regularly checking out!

12. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I think for my travel I will need a suitcase or military bag or two to get my stuff over to Europe. I already have the carry on, which will be my laptop backpack. As the restrictions limit me to two 23 kg suitcases, I´ll try to find something that allows me to take as much as I can

  • the set of large rolling upright and carry-on bag mentioned earlier under 2.+3.; don't mind that the smaller bag is carry-on size, all you want is that is convieniently fits on the handle of the larger bag so that you can haul both bags around with one hand and carry a backpack of whatever size (your laptop bag if you want) on your back.
    or if you want it cheap
  • two big plastic bags - those who are square like a suitcase with handles and zippers and have a some sort of tartan pattern of blue or red on white. You see homeless people, poor immigrants and traders of cheap chinese clothes with them, they cost only a few dollars and are very sturdy. I would load those on some sort of folding trolley.

FYI, a maximum weight of 23 kg for a suitcase filled with clothing and other stuff means that you are looking at a volume of approx. 40-55 liters for that suitcase.

Finally - on most airlines you are technically allowed 2 carry-on bags. One bag that you bring with you (=your laptop backpack) and the second carry-on bag that you are allowed is a plastic bag filled with duty free purchases. I usually have a small backpack and a tote with me as carry-on luggage. To get the tote onto the plane without breaking the rules outright I go into one of the shops, buy some trinket or other and then drop my tote into the plastic bag. Buying cheap cigarettes that I can give away to the smokers in the family beats having to pay for overweight luggage by a long shot.

13. Posted by jlnemenz (Budding Member 11 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Thanks t_maia, that´s pretty solid advice and it´s been well noted. Certainly broadens my options, thanks!

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