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Wot about including a language section in the forum??

Travel Forums System Talk Wot about including a language section in the forum??

1. Posted by smythy (Full Member 237 posts) 12y

Hey guys, wot about incorporating a language section into the forum - so that travellers can even learn language/expressions/local talk from other TP'ers. Only a thought considering i know very little of any language apart from English but i would love to learn some others!


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5845 posts) 12y

Hi smythy,

I've thought before it would be nice to have some foreign language forums. We could just have areas where people can discuss things in Spanish, Dutch, French, etc.. The main difficulty with this is that we would need some committed moderators to keep an eye out for spam. The Dutch one would be ok; Sam and I could handle that. Is this the kind of thing that you would be thinking of? For people interested in learning another language, it could be a good place to try out some discussions as well. Anyone else think this would be a worthwhile addition? We don't really want to set up a forum that barely gets any topics. If people are sufficiently interested, we might see what we can do about the moderator issue.


3. Posted by smythy (Full Member 237 posts) 12y

Yea, Peter youve got my point, although it would need a bit of moderating i guess to stop spam etc. Check it out wiv Sam and see if its possible. Im very keen to get to know some new jargon!

Thanks guys!

4. Posted by travelover (Respected Member 494 posts) 12y

I'm actually in the process of learning Spanish so I would really enjoy a Spanish language forum where I can practice the language. It's a good idea I think! Plus it can be almost like a refresher/beginner course for people who will be travelling to foreign countries. They can practice a bit online before they go.