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1. Posted by freemee (Budding Member 46 posts) 7y

Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap camper hire?

The cheapest ive found for hire between mid oct - mid nov is £500 for 28 days.

The ferry is a foutune too, does anyone know of companies that have a Wellington drop off and a Picton pick up?

any advice appreciated!

2. Posted by fussy (Inactive 208 posts) 7y

We used

They were the cheapest, they do not sting for one way trips and allow you to take the car on the ferry. If you book car and ferry asap you will get the best rates.

The more established companies eg budget do not allow cars to go on the ferry, so they have the wellington drop off etc

3. Posted by freemee (Budding Member 46 posts) 7y

Im thinking that it may be cheaper to go with a company that allows us to drop off at Wellington and then pick up a car in Picton? This way we dont have to pay to get the car on the ferry, and only have to pay for ourselves... is that a better idea to save money? or is it too much hastle?

thanks alot for your reply!

4. Posted by wanderer82 (Full Member 111 posts) 7y

Quoting fussy

they do not sting for one way trips

Not in my experience - me and my girlfriend hired a juicy camper and drove from Queenstown to Auckland via the Picton -Wellington ferry. They charged us a 'relocation fee'.

Take a close look at the T&C's - I know they are boring but there are some additional costs that you may have not budgeted for such as the 'Diesel Road User Tax' (although I think you can waive this by paying on top of your insurance.

Dont get me wrong the camper was excellent and served us well - there were a few extra surprises when we went to pick it up.

The ferry was a little expensive but I do believe the trips are cheaper somedays than others so you can plan your trip to suit - for more info go to

Have a great time!

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5. Posted by BedouinLeo (Inactive 698 posts) 7y

You will find more often than not that there is a 'per mile or per kilometre' charge as well as the hire fee. This can sometimes be waived by paying a one off extra fee. So work out how many miles/kms you plan to do and see which method works out cheaper.

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