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Australia in 2 months!!!

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Australia in 2 months!!!

1. Posted by titch1005 (Budding Member 8 posts) 7y

Hey guys

im heading to Sydney for November 1st on a years WHV via Hong Kong and just cant wait to get out there. Was just looking through the forums for some answers to some questions i have and was just wanting an update on a few of them.

1) The jobs situation at the moment in Sydney - ive read that there are jobs outhere if you take anything and look hard enough - that still the case. im quite experienced in waiting/admin/call centre work so does any 1 know any good agencies in Sydney for that?

2) I will have around £3100 to take over with me - been reading most people are taking around that amount- does that seem ok or have i left myself a bit short. i will be looking for work as soon as i get over there.

3) This 1 is confusing me the most - im planning on opening a bank account with one of the big four banks however what is the best way of getting my money into that account, should i just leave my Abbey bank account open and leave all my money in there and use my visa debit card and just use my Aussie bank account for wages etc or is there a good cheap way of transferring my hard earned cash over without losing it in transfer fees.

oh and 4) im in Sydney for Xmas and NYE staying at Original Backpackers Lodge in Kings Cross so if anyone would like to meet up or knows any good parties then let me know :)

thanks for your time and patience

2. Posted by Travekyack (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y

Hi check out for jobs....usually jobs in and around Sydney but it is tight at the moment.

I reckon 3000 pounds is a good amount.
Use your debit card attached to your english bank to start with and when you get here open an account with say the Commonwealth Bank and that is where your pay goes into.
There is a great backpackers party on Xmas Day at Bondi Beach check it out when you get here I believe you need a ticket to attend but not sure.

Cheers and safe travels

3. Posted by titch1005 (Budding Member 8 posts) 7y

thanks for the reply was getting a bit nervous about the funds but i got a credit card as well with around £700 on for emergencies so that could be a lifesaver. does anyone else have any info they could help me out with.

4. Posted by ilove_oz (Budding Member 17 posts) 7y

Hi Rich,

I went on a WHV for 2 years and i only took about 2000 pounds with me, so dont worry at all! I didnt work for the first few months either and got by easily enough.
As for the bank account... when i went i had all my money in a Nationwide flex account..i dont know about your abbey card, but the good thing about the flex card is that oits free to withdrawl money abroard and i know alot of backpackers get this purely for that reason. It costs about 13 pounds to transfer internationally so i think you would be better off keeping your money in your english account and using that until it runs out. As for opening a bank account, i opened one with commonwealth bank prettymuch as soon as i got there, i think i only needed my passport and only takes a few minutes. Commonwealth are really good, its free withdrawls at most machines and they have a really good internet banking site. Once you start earning wages just get them paid in there and your away! Dont forget your tax file number too!
I worked in Sydney on a couple of occasions for a few months... iv worked all over Australia doing mainly data entry and admin work and the wages were pretty good in Sydney. All you need to do is get a CV and either take it in or email it and they nealry always call you back as long as they have work, especially as you have experience it wont be a problem. I worked for these guys: Addecco, Hays and Julia Ross. I got work within 2 days of arriving in Sydney and i dont think you should have a problem.
Any other questions let me know il try and help:)

5. Posted by titch1005 (Budding Member 8 posts) 7y

thanks ilove_oz found your info really helpful, im a bit less nervous now about the funds and jobs, been doing some research and adecco do look pretty good. Ive opened up a nationwide account and got a cash card so that should help too. Just out of general interest anything you recommend to do in Oz. already got some sporting events lined up (F1 and cricket macthes), looking to head down to Melbourne after Sydney in Jan and eventually end up around the Great Barrier Reef via Perth and Darwin.


6. Posted by Rogo (Budding Member 36 posts) 7y

Hi I got here in May and have worked for the last 2 months with only 1 week with no work. Sydney is picking up. Go and see Geoffrey Nathan they will send your details to all the agencies. If you want a job youl get one!!

7. Posted by eric25 (Budding Member 27 posts) 7y

Quoting Rogo

Hi I got here in May and have worked for the last 2 months with only 1 week with no work. Sydney is picking up. Go and see Geoffrey Nathan they will send your details to all the agencies. If you want a job youl get one!!

That's really reassuring news as I land in Australia this weekend and was getting a bit nervous about finding work. DId you stay in Sydney the whole time or did you find work in other cities as well?

8. Posted by d03mm (Budding Member 67 posts) 7y

hey guys,

i read all your post. Looks good!! I arrive in melbourne on the 1st October...and going travelling about...if anybody fancys meeting for a pint etc!!

9. Posted by titch1005 (Budding Member 8 posts) 7y

yeah im game for meeting, ill be there from 1st November so will have to go for the odd pint or 100 lol. anyone else in Sydney around that time? managed to boost the funds upto £3500 now and i was chatting to my mate in Sydney who said the jobs are out there too so im relaxed now and just wanna enjoy. Anyone got anything planned for when they are there?