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Who to go to thailand with

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1. Posted by BigSeeker (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

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lo, :)

I'm going to thailand soonish, but i don't know what company to go with. i'm thinking about entering a compy to win 4 weeks in thailand from some people called -snip-, but don't know if their any good.

My writings rubbish so i probably won't win, but I still think I'll maybe go with them by paying for 3 weeks.

Has anyone here used them before and know if their any good? Do u know any other companies i can travel with (i'm from the UK)?

Oh I want to do some fun stuff and not be on a tour bus the whole time!


[ Edit: You don't know how good they are, yet you work there? Take your spam elsewhere please. ]

2. Posted by wildfk (Respected Member 459 posts) 7y

You don't say much about your age or background, but one wonders why you want to "travel with" anyone.

Thailand is a very easy destination and you should be able to book a hotel etc without buying into a whole package. It rather depends on your budget and interests when you get to Thailand.

I'm naturally suspicious of a lot of companies that claim to be "eco-friendly" "conservationists" or helping local economies, however wanting to do this is laudable.
may I suggest you use Google and post this question on any Thai travel web site you can find? You will then start to build up a picture of this company. (start with the "Thorn Tree - Lonely Planet site).
(you might also ask them for their views on the tiger temple in Kanchanaburi - if they no anything about animal conservation they will not be taking people there!)

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3. Posted by BigSeeker (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

lo n thanks for the reply!

I'm 22 and just finished uni this year so. Never did much travel so i'm a bit nervous about going on my own. i thought that by using someonelike that it'd be easier.

i'll ask around likeu said. stupid me never though of lonely planet!