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If you could only take 3 things…

Travel Forums General Talk If you could only take 3 things…


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21. Posted by Budai (Respected Member 506 posts) 7y

notebooks (the ones with pencils attached ;))
my 4 year old around-the-world lucky boots!
a good book

22. Posted by Travel4gro (Budding Member 15 posts) 7y
  • My wife.

  • My children. Tied together so they could be considered one item.

  • My glasses so I could see my wife and children.

What else could there possibly be?

23. Posted by lil_lil (Travel Guru 462 posts) 7y

you mean apart from passport, tickets and money?

currently, these will always be in my bag, whether home or away
1) camera
2) moleskine
3) mobile phone

considering getting an iphone or an android phone, so i can also have music/internet/GPS on the road...
but admittedly it's not highly important, plus that's an expensive gadget to bring around...

24. Posted by BlackEyes (Budding Member 21 posts) 7y

The three things that i will always bring are:
1) Camera
2) Money; and
3) Cellphone

25. Posted by HngryTrvlr (Budding Member 56 posts) 7y

1. My iPhone (everything here- phone, mp3 player, camera, internet access etc.)
2. Plastic cash
3. My lucky Cal Berkley baseball's not lucky for the Cal football team, but it's lucky for me.

26. Posted by boogaloo (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y

i would take these three things:

1. my iphone
2. passport
3. a credit card that's accepted internationally (lol)

i just really hope i wouldn't have to be limited to just 3 items when i travel

27. Posted by terry11 (Budding Member 7 posts) 7y

Quoting risktaker

What would they be? You know, items you just can’t travel without for any trip…

important things when i travel:

1. I can't travel without my camera. I'm always on the look out for great shots. I do photography as a hobby.
2. Cellphone, communication is always important.
3. Extra cash

28. Posted by pointless (Budding Member 33 posts) 7y

>>> phone

>>> wallet (with my passport, credit card and money)

>>> book

29. Posted by laurim (Respected Member 260 posts) 7y

1. Comfortable shoes- blisters on a trip are awful and it's hard for new shoes to be comfortable
2. Credit card- practically anything else I need I can buy on the road
3. Prescription pills

30. Posted by rjv.bwj11 (Budding Member 13 posts) 7y

(1) Ipod
(2) Underwear
(3) Toothbrush