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If you could only take 3 things…

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31. Posted by HngryTrvlr (Budding Member 56 posts) 7y

Friend challenged me to do this without electronics...

1. Notebook with pen
2. Lonely Planet travel and language guide
3. Guitar

32. Posted by rbyslipahs (Respected Member 349 posts) 7y

Three things? Well, only if my homemade travel first aid kit counts as one item! Seriously, I can and will save your life with it. ;) I go nowhere without it, even to the store. You never know... I could travel with just my purse and be fine.


multitool/pocket knife (which has gotten through more than one international airport -- )
munchies, which can make for great bribes when travelling in a group

33. Posted by namendra12 (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y

I think


-snip- papers

phone which doubles as a music player


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34. Posted by Piecar (Travel Guru 894 posts) 7y

It truly makes me cry how many people are choosing their phone. I have aged myself out of this generation's travel culture, clearly. I thought travel was a way to disconnect from the things you knew to experience life in a new way...Now it's just a really long trip to the mall. I am aghast at how many travellers are wandering around with their toploaders in a new city not looking around because they are so focussed on remote Tetris and what their BFF had for lunch.

Oh, I expect to take a hit for that...But it's how I feel.

I assume passport and money are included, so:

1. Multitool

2. Compass

3. 16 Gig IPod.

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35. Posted by Piecar (Travel Guru 894 posts) 7y

Number Three was just so you could smugly point and mock...Aren't I a considerate aged, decrepit, out of touch curmudgeon?

3. It's a toss up between a camera and a journal. I lean towards journal, cuz I can sketch in there too.

Number 4 would have been "a watch" because apparently people are foregoing them in favour of their phones...yet are unable to see the time on their phones(at a guess, I would say that Tetris obscures the time). I answer "Que hora es" about five times a day.


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36. Posted by itsyashira (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

1. Ipod
2. Camera
3. Cash/credit card

37. Posted by TravelSoup (Budding Member 33 posts) 7y

1. camera
2. map
3. hat

38. Posted by JulieSteal (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

Lip Balm

39. Posted by kloopy (Budding Member 8 posts) 7y

a towel - obvious reasons
good shoes

40. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3742 posts) 7y

Book, camera and ear plugs.