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Will my mobile work in Oz?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Will my mobile work in Oz?

1. Posted by TomK (Full Member 66 posts) 12y

TomK has indicated that this thread is about Australia

My mobile is currently locked to the Orange [UK] network. Will I be able to get a pay as you go sim card in Oz that will work on that or do I need to get it unlocked before I come?

Hopefully someone can help me!

2. Posted by angusm (Budding Member 9 posts) 12y

Dont know what you mean by locked. But assuming you have a compatible phone to Australian networks (usually standard Asia Pacific Nokia, Sony Ericcson etc models, excluding Japan and Korea).

Depending on who you want to roam with suggest you check:-


hope this helps. Pre Pay is slowly getting cheaper in Australia esp through companies such as Dodo.

3. Posted by stevieh (Respected Member 613 posts) 12y

I used my Virgin mobile, which works anywhere in the world, by renting whatever network it finds - you shouldn't have to unlock from your current network, but you may have to pay monthly instead of by top-up card. However, it would appear from the previous post that Orange have a network in Australia, so you may well be able to buy pre-paid cards there.
Check out the Orange website in the UK or ring them up.
Remember though that for ringing home from Australia, the cheapest way is to buy a phonecard and use a callbox. $10 (about £4) will give you about an hour. BT ought to be ashamed of themselves!

4. Posted by TomK (Full Member 66 posts) 12y

Thanks people. Yes I know cheapest to phone home is phonecard, but the mobile will just be used for text message back to the UK and for local calls in Oz.

What I mean by locked is that for example in the UK I cannot put a Vodaphone sim card into my phone that is on the Orange network, as Orange lock them down. So I was wondering if there was a compatible pay as you go sim card in Oz that will work in it.

5. Posted by Musze (Inactive 20 posts) 12y

Although your phone might be locked, I'm pretty sure there's a way to get it unlocked before you leave so it will work with any SIM card. Perhaps inquire at a few cell phone dealers, they might be able to help you out.

6. Posted by betty2 (Budding Member 6 posts) 12y

Yeah you'll need to get it unlocked. I'm with Orange pay as you go and they have told me that I will be able to use my phone in NZ and Oz, like you I dont plan to make calls it's just for text messaging. It doesnt cost you to receive a text and costs 45p to send one, but as I said I'm pay as you go so don't know what the differences would be if you're on a contract, I'd phone them to check.

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