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Travellerspoint September Newsletter

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1. Posted by Peter (Admin 5939 posts) 7y

The newsletter for September was sent out yesterday. Unfortunately, something weird happened while it sent and about 9000 out of the 78,000 total emails weren't delivered, without leaving us any way of discovering who they were meant to go to either.

So if you were among those 9000 and are interested in reading the newsletter (sporting a nice new format), then here is the link to view it online:

Btw, if you're not subscribed yet and want to be, you can do so by editing your profile details. There is an option in there to subscribe.

2. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 7y

Thanks Peter,

Actually, and this has been asked in the travelguide forum, I am missing out about the travelguide competition winner of August, the Festival one?


3. Posted by Peter (Admin 5939 posts) 7y

Hmm, I'll check up with Eric on that. A bit behind perhaps

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