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New carry-on regulations

Travel Forums General Talk New carry-on regulations

1. Posted by Mike.M89 (Budding Member 80 posts) 7y

Hi all,

I am due to depart exactly 3 days today on a year RTW trip. Have planned a bought a bag around the fact that i could carry it on the plane with me, but also pack it out and put it in the hold when necessary. However after the recent failed terrorist attack making the news there have been reports that they will allow no liquids at all on in hand luggage.

Anyone have any further info on this? Ive spoken to someone who has recent got back from holiday who said they were limiting at 50ml instead of the usual 100ml.

Any recommendations?


2. Posted by BedouinLeo (Inactive 698 posts) 7y

I'm not aware of any changes recently. I got back from Mexico about 6 weeks ago and travelled both ways with different airlines, BA and Lufthansa. They allowed liquids in hand luggage as long as they are sealed and no more than 100mls per item. What liquids would you need on board, or are you checking your hold luggage right through on several flights or something?

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3. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 7y

Be sure to check every country's transport safety website before you leave. Each one has a different set of rules and regulations, and they will enforce them at every security checkpoint.

In Canada, for example, CATSA regulations at the moment state that liquids, gels, aerosols, and pastes must be in containers of 100 mL or less, and sealed in a 1 L plastic bag. (We've been working on their ads for weeks!). But when I flew to Gatwick in May, their regulations were slightly different--so it was buy a 1-pound bag of a slightly smaller size or chuck my stuff. Yeesh!

Anyway--security takes this stuff very seriously, so either opt to check your bag or travel with small containers.

4. Posted by baluba (Respected Member 407 posts) 7y

Flew out of Gatwick last week and it was still 100ml and bags are provided free of charge. Luton charge £1 for the bag!
As tway says, check at each airport. Personally I would take 100ml bottles, buy stuff you need in each country, its rare that most necessities are not available, then when you fly again, refill your little bottles and so on.

Out of interest, when leaving Makassar (Sulawesi) airport in June this year, I got on the plane with six cans of beer bought landside!!!

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5. Posted by fussy (Inactive 208 posts) 7y

Maybe you could just carry soap and use if for all washing duties (except the teeth) . Deodorant can be bought in hard form too.

6. Posted by fabyomama (Respected Member 560 posts) 7y

Quoting fussy

Maybe you could just carry soap and use if for all washing duties (except the teeth) . Deodorant can be bought in hard form too.

There's also toothpowder. Just thinking about sun cream - expensive and heavy. So hard to completely avoid 'liquids'.

7. Posted by Mike.M89 (Budding Member 80 posts) 7y

Hey, i like it - all your washing needs in one soap shaped bar!

I should be okay, just considering all the creams etc recommended in a medi kit!

Cheers for the help thou guys, has helped put my mind at ease...geez less than 3 weeks now

8. Posted by MikeAllen (Full Member 129 posts) 7y

hey mike do u fly in 3 days or weeks?

10 days for me! i cant wait!!!

9. Posted by Mike.M89 (Budding Member 80 posts) 7y

3 weeks yday pal - 6th of october!

crazy stuff, you have the butterflies?