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Travel docs to Aus??

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Travel docs to Aus??

1. Posted by walshy (Budding Member 13 posts) 12y

Does anyone know whether i need an ETA to travel to Austrlia?????

I already have a working holiday visa but someone told me i need an ETA as well??

2. Posted by julieoz (Full Member 95 posts) 12y

what is ETA?

estimated time of arrival? or something else?

3. Posted by walshy (Budding Member 13 posts) 12y

I think it stands for Electronic Travel Authority!!

4. Posted by lil j (Travel Guru 1303 posts) 12y

dont they do something at the airport-thats what i thought but i cant be sure go onto an Oz government site or something that'll tell ya!

5. Posted by TomK (Full Member 66 posts) 12y

AFAIK an ETA is a holiday visa you apply for on-line if you are just visiting Oz for a holiday. You apply on-line then when you check in at the airport they check on the system that you have a visa.
You do not need this if you have a WHV, well I hope not anyway as I have a WHV and nothing else! When I went last year for a holiday I just got an ETA.

Hope this helps you.

6. Posted by Peter (Admin 5950 posts) 12y

If you are planning a holiday visit or a short business trip to Australia, you will need to apply for either a visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). An ETA will let you spend up to three months in Australia.

From this page on the Department of Immigration site.

Considering you already have a visa, you don't need an ETA.