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What to visit in Rome?

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1. Posted by RomeLover (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Me and my girlfriend are planning to visit Rome. The first problem we had was finding a good hotel for our budget. Our mates told us we could find nice hotels in Rome on the website -snip-

Now that we found a hotel, we have searched for some pictures who convinced us even more to go to Rome

There is only one thing left, and those are the things to visit.. there are hundreds of things to visit, but we will only have a 7-day trip, so it will be hard to decide which things we should see and which we should skip.

According to you, what are the things we must visit, and what things can we skip because they aren't that special?

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2. Posted by CariLB2 (Budding Member 10 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I just got back from Rome last week. I spent 4 days there and I was able to see a lot! The city is HUGE so try to pace yourself and learn how to use the metro/bus system.

1. If you want to see the Vatican, book a tour. It is a very crowded place and kind of confusing. By being in a group you are allowed in certain areas and you will learn more about what you are seeing.

2. I did a tour that took me through much of Rome (Piazza Navona, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, etc) but did not have the best experience. It is nice to be in a group because then you don't spend all your time in the map trying to find each place and you do learn a bit of history. But if you get a bad guide then it is kind of like being in 4 hours of boring torture. If you find a book that has good descriptions of things, good maps, and the history behind each piece it might be nice to follow that. If you find a good tour then it will be well worth the money!

3. There is great gelatto all over the place!! I did find a personal favorite, but the place is packed with people. It is a bit tricky to find, but I'll try and walk you through it. At the Pantheon, stand with it to your back so that you are looking at the obleisk in the middle. To your right will be Via del Seminario and Piazza della Rotonda. Chose the next road, the one to the right directly in front of you (you'll pass through the restaruants that have white umbrellas outside). Head down the road and at the next street, which should only be a minute or less walk away will lead you to a little piazza, there will be a yellow building to your left. Continue straight through this piazza. You'll pass Via delle Coppelle next and on your left will be Gelateria Della Palma (I didn't eat here, but I heard their ice cream is good as well).
Continue down Via della Maddalena and when that road ends at a building take a right onto Via Degli Uffici del Vicario.
On the right hand side of the street you'll see Giolitti (Via delgi Uffici del Vicario, 40 00186 Roma).
When you walk into the shop go to the cashier who sits by the doors. Pay for your ice cream here (I think I got a medium for 3,5) then she'll give you a receipt. Take the receipt to the line behind you that leads to the ice cream counter. Make sure you get the whip cream they pile high on top! It is delicious gelatto!!!

4. I also found THE BEST coffee place, at least in my opinion. It is called Cafe Sant Eustachio.
Again, start at the Pantheon. When standing at the Pantheon turn so that it is to your left. Walk straight now toward Pia Salita de Crescenzi. You'll see a little parking lot, turn left and walk through the parking lot. When that road ends turn right, the coffee shop is up ahead on the left.

If you can't find something always ask! People are very friendly and willing to help out, taxi drivers are a wealth of information!!

5. It is also worth taking a taxi up to Gianicolo Park, the park across the river. Ask to be taken to the view of Rome (you'll be dropped off by a giant statue of Garibaldi). If you go before sunset and then stay till dark you'll see a great view. St. Peters will be on one side of the area, in the west where the sun sets. The rest of Rome will lie at your feet on the other side. You'll see the Spanish steps, Colosseum, Pantheon, etc. from this view! Pretty incredible. But if you want to take good night pictures bring a tripod because the ledge is low and behind trees so a lot of the view is blocked.

I hope this helps you! Let me know if you have any other questions or specifics things you want to know.

3. Posted by Gurt (Full Member 63 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

We had a nice stay here:
About 10 min walk from the Terminus station. Metro within 3 min.
At the opposite of this B&B you'll find a very old ice cream store. Crowded till midnight!

'We did the usual Roma trips. But we preferred walking. Each day another direction from the B&B.
And back with tram, bus or metro. We did see lot's of the town this way.
And had to buy new shoes.......

Have a nice time!

4. Posted by vin10is (Budding Member 9 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Forget about expensive guided tours you know already the Collesium - Forum are obvious places, however under no
circumstances leave Rome without seeing the complexity and magnificence of the CATACOMBS along the Apenian WAY.

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6. Posted by runner0919 (Budding Member 5 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

when we were in rome instead fo trying to get the metro from one place to the next we bought one of the tour bus tickets that allows you to get on and get off at each landmark. If you go to this website they will give you loads of information about what to see and do as well as day trips you can take outside of Rome.