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1. Posted by cheese85 (Budding Member 16 posts) 7y

Firstly, i am a light traveller, but my girlfriend isn't!! I don't wear or take many clothes, one pair of travel boots, one pair of flip flops. We're going to India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and then to Oz.

I have been looking at practical stuff to take.

I have so far bought:

Inside door lock
Industrial strength padlock
little padlocks for rucksacks
a mosquito net (double bed)
a bed sheet (double bed)
a bendy bike style lock (to lock our bags together on against the bed on trains etc)
mos repellent
sun lotion
malaria tablets
contact lenses (girlfriend) and glasses
camera SLR ( big but not super big and with no extra's)
wash gear
first aid kit
swiss army knife thing (smallish one)

Am i taking too much?

Or am i actually missing things?

2. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 7y

If possible leave the contacts at home and use only glasses. Without the cleaner and everything that is required to take care of contacts it means several items that you do not have to carry.

I would also recommend taking a cotton sarong - it is so multi-purpose. Towel, skirt, sunshade, bedsheet, scarf, head cover, tie-on top, dress - it is all that and more.

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3. Posted by cheese85 (Budding Member 16 posts) 7y

i heard good things about the sarong. might get one when we are in India.

we'll be happy to chuck things we don't need as we go around.

the lenses are one day ones so nothing extra needed, and would only take 30 days at most for a 9 month trip.

4. Posted by SamSalmon (Respected Member 626 posts) 7y

Far too many locks-if someone wants into your bag nothing on the zipper will stop them and even then what will they get-your dirty underwear/clean tee shirt?

Another thing-you say you're a light traveller/she isn't.

Then make her carry all her stuff and be firm

Don't be turned into a burro for someone, I used to cycle with a woman who was terrible that way always wanted to load my saddlebags up and never bothered to bring her own.

Travelling with someone is the best/worst way to learn all about them and in the end this could be a deal breaker so be prepared for anything including a huge blowup.

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5. Posted by cheese85 (Budding Member 16 posts) 7y

its ok Sam, she's not the worst, and as she puts things in i throw them out!!! Its just that she's bad compared to me.

The little bag locks are for whichever bag has the camera and our passport and money.

The smaller bag that i will take.

The plan is a big rucksack each, 65 + 10 litres.

And i don't expect them to ever be overly full, but we might want to pick some stuff as we go to then post back home.

And 1 normal sized bag will be strapped on the front of me, it will essentially be empty and will just be our day bag and transport bag.

The small padlocks are also to deter those that aren't professional thieves, but are poor enough to think about dipping their hand into other peoples property, i know they wont hold up if someone is determined to break in.

6. Posted by ErolGirl (Budding Member 82 posts) 7y

I know how your girlfirned must be feeling!! I think I am going to struggle to only take a small amount of tstuff...Im still wanting to take about 5 pairs of shoes!!! ARGH!

7. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 7y

A lenght of string always comes in handy I find. Clothes line, mosquito net hanger, etc...

8. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 7y

The plan is a big rucksack each, 65 + 10 litres.

Unless you got a good reason to take a 65+10 for you - reconsider.

A good reason for a 65+10 pack would IMO be taking a tent and cooking gear.

You said that you are a light packer, so why don't you go for the usual 40+10 size?
Be a good role model and go for the smaller pack, a 40+10 or 50+10 if needs must. Show your gf that travelling light is doable.

Why take a 65 + 10 when a 50+10 or 40+10 will do the job? Plus when your pack is full (because it is small) your gf won't have a chance to gripe about or try to load up your pack with her stuff.

9. Posted by cheese85 (Budding Member 16 posts) 7y

the big bags are for if we choose to do the camping thing whilst we are out there, just keeping our options open, as i quite like off the beaten track.

The mrs isn't too bad, and she'll be carrying her own gear so she'll quickly lighten her load if she's finding it too heavy.

The initial post was whether the 'extras' we are taking were worth it.

10. Posted by xAx (Budding Member 38 posts) 7y

Your extra's list sounds good, if you find there are things you do not use (like mozzie net) after a few months you can always trade them with the locals for curios etc.. It may be useful to add some duct tape / fishing line, spesh if the mrs bag gets too full and you need a quick fixit job