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11. Posted by citybell (Respected Member 419 posts) 7y

It is better that you ask your hotel/hostel to book the train tickets for you.The y charge a small fee for the service but that is worth it since you save lots of hassels. It will be big task if you wish to book tickets by yourself by visiting the booking office/train station.Iam not sure if you can book train tickets thru a website. Could be that some tourist companies/agecncies may offer such service but for a price.

Chinese Govt allows a max, of 30days stay on a tourist visa for most foreigners(not sure for UK passport holders). It would be a big problem to extend this tourist visa by more than 30days because you have to go thru some procedures like deposit of a big amount etc etc. That is Chinese visa is valid only in mainland China. You will get a seperate visa in HongHong and Macau after arrival.

Hope this helps.

12. Posted by ErolGirl (Budding Member 82 posts) 7y

Hey, Im from the UK and I just got my visa for China from this site:

Just filled out the forms, sent everything off and got my passport back plus visa within a few days :)

13. Posted by citybell (Respected Member 419 posts) 7y

Congrats ErolGirl.

Is validity 30days?

14. Posted by colly36 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y

Hi guys, I'm going to be volunteering in China in summer 2010 and Citybell seems to be the expert on these things so I have a couple of questions!

I noticed you gave a great description of Hangzhou. The company i'm travelling with has offered me the choice of working in Hangzhou, Shanghai and Wu Jiang. I'm leaning towards Hangzou but can you tell me anything about Wu Jiang? I'm doing a business development project ( helping startup companies (finally taking a career break!) so I'll be in an office most of the day. It would be nice to have a bit of night life and decent options for travelling on weekends are a must.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


15. Posted by citybell (Respected Member 419 posts) 7y


Not an expert but have travelled many times to China .
Some details are: has Suzhou to the north, Hangzhou to the south, Shanghai to the east, Taihu Lake to the west.Very Well connected to Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. Has a population of 780,000. It lies between railway line Shanghai to Nanjing and about 22kms from Suzhou train station.
Wujiang is 190 km and 105 km away from Shanghai .Tourist attractions are Tongli Town, Tuisi Garden(is one of the major scenic spots), Jingsi Garden (Qingyun Peak is the biggest stone with more than 1,600 holes on it), Xiaodian Lake Forest etc.
The unique cultural style in Wujiang area is its silk culture , Gardens, rivers & bridges.
It has a mild and humid climate and seasons are distinct.

However if you are looking for busy life style,night life, cosmopolitan outlook, shopping malls etc, then choose Shanghai. From Shanghai you can visit Hangzhou or Suzhou or Wu Jiang on week ends. Incase you are looking for a not so busy life then 2nd Choice could be Hangzhou. If you need more relaxed lifestyle then you can choose Suzhou or WuJiang.This is my personal opinion.
All the best.

16. Posted by citybell (Respected Member 419 posts) 7y


Sorry.. Please read as Wu Jiang is 190kms from Shanghai. (and omit 150kms away...)

17. Posted by ErolGirl (Budding Member 82 posts) 7y

Quoting citybell

Congrats ErolGirl.

Is validity 30days?

Thanks :) Yes it is...Would love to spend all 30 days there!! Can't wait :)

18. Posted by citybell (Respected Member 419 posts) 7y


You can spend all 30days in China and then can visit Hongkong and Macau if you have a single entry visa.
Your Chinese visa doesn't apply to HK and Macau (though these are under Chinese Govt) .You will get another visa (safety sake check for your nationality)on arrival at Hk and Macau airports on arrival.

19. Posted by avalente (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y

Hi CitybelL, my name is Arthur and I`m planing to do the same travel like BowenH1:

Hong Kong - Macau (1 night)
Macau - Guilin (3 nights)
Guilin - Chendu (3 nights)
Chendu - Xian (4 nights)
Xian - Zhengzhou (1 night)
Zhenhzhou - Beijing (7 nights)
Beijing - Shanghai (6 nights)
Shanghai - Yangtzee river (3 nights)
Yangtzee - Hong Kong (2 nights)

Could you please tell me how much would I spend on this trip in hostels, marcket food, and things like that??

Thank you!!!

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