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Working in Canada- how's the current demand?

Travel Forums North America Working in Canada- how's the current demand?

1. Posted by nattan (Inactive 25 posts) 7y

I'm an Australian that also has dual citizenship with Canada, and am hoping to go over there to find some work in a few months. I'd love to work there for about 6-12 months, possibly in admin as I've got experience in that area.

Does anyone know how the job market is in Canada (either Toronto or any major city) at the moment?

Which city would be the best to start looking in, in regards to finding accommodation?

Is it pretty easy to register with a temp agency to find work in admin/reception etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

p.s as I'll be travelling there with my Canadian passport, obviously I won't need to show the airlines/customs a return/onward flight ticket out of there, right?

2. Posted by Piecar (Travel Guru 894 posts) 7y

There's work. Since you claim to be part Canuck, you're fine. Six months as an administrator? Yeah, well, I dunno about that.

3. Posted by SamSalmon (Respected Member 626 posts) 7y

Since you have no Canadian Experience-which is what employers want and employers will of course ID you as an Ocker as soon as they hear your voice--your opportunities are probably limited fast food or basic labouring.

Do you have a SIN?

Because you'll receive no consideration without one.

4. Posted by nattan (Inactive 25 posts) 7y

No I don't know what a SIN is. Is that some tax file number or something you need to pay tax with?

Also Piecar, why do you say that it's impossible to find 6 months in admin? Is it difficult to find work in this field at the moment or something?


5. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 7y

SIN = Social Insurance Number. You'll have to file for one. I am pretty sure that you need to have it before you start working.

You might want to consider temping. Check out agencies like Manpower or Adecco.

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