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Cheap flight suggestions DAR-SYD for Christmas

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Cheap flight suggestions DAR-SYD for Christmas

1. Posted by Chris N (Budding Member 18 posts) 7y

Hey, I'm in Darwin trying to get some pennies together and really want to be in Sydney by Christmas. I'm hoping to work up to around the 18th so I have a week but the flights are pretty expensive at around $400.

I've had a look at flying from Alice Springs and maybe getting a bit more sightseeing out of it but I'm struggling to find the best way. At the moment either biting the bullet or saving $200 and flying on Christmas morning is the answer.

What are the best flight comparing websites for Oz? Can it be cheaper to fly to one city and then on to Sydney?

Any help appreciated.

2. Posted by timtravels (Respected Member 350 posts) 7y

Usually cheap flights are provided by either jetstar or virgin blue, but don't discount qantas and rex. If you're not in too much of a hurry you could always try a greyhound bus, that'd let you see more on the way and might end up cheaper.

3. Posted by BedouinLeo (Inactive 698 posts) 7y

[quote=timtravels]Usually cheap flights are provided by either jetstar or virgin blue, but don't discount qantas and rex.

Excellent suggestion.

That time of year flight prices are, as you know, a mickey take.
You need to get into a travel agent on the street and get your name down for a last minute cancellation. Also tell them that you're looking for any route, either direct or with one or more changes. It happens, not often, but it happens. Let them know that you have little money, but it's in your back pocket should the opportunity arise. Make sure they've got you're email address and mobile phone number. Never switch your phone off and you just might be lucky. I got a flight out to Canada from the UK on December 23rd a couple of years back after doing just all that. The cost was around 1/4 of the normal fare.
Also, get yourself registered on every airline's website for their newsletter. You may find that you get preferential treatment for what you're looking for. It might work, it might not. But if you're known to them all, you've got more chance of getting there than 'Biting the Bullet' ! !

4. Posted by rerj37 (Budding Member 10 posts) 7y

Webjet is likely the fairest comparison site for any domestic route, but they charge a fee
for booking on top of the fare. Tiger no longer operates from DRW, more's the pity

5. Posted by Chris N (Budding Member 18 posts) 7y

Thanks for the responses. I shall check in to the flight shop and see what they can do :)

I've had another wee thought though and done some investigating. I can fly from Adelaide with Tiger on the 24th for just $100 and I had always planned to go down the Stuart Highway. This would cost me more and be very tight if I want to go on the 18th but I can do a 2 night Uluru/Kings Canyon tour from Alice it's just the getting to and from Alice as the Ghan train which would be most fun only goes on certain days and the greyhound/flights are expensive. Alice to Adelaide is an issue too and I'm trying Groovy Grape as ideally I would like to see Coober Pedy.

More investigating to be done.

I will be flying home from Perth so looked at possibly doing this trip later from Adelaide up to Alice and flying to Perth but nobody seems to fly there!