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Entering Latin America with one way flight

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Entering Latin America with one way flight

1. Posted by Simon1983 (Budding Member 50 posts) 7y


My girlfriend and I are looking at getting a one way flight from the UK to Latin America (probably Rio for cheapness - £409 each).

Will we encounter problems entering the country with no onward flight booked? We plan to travel for as long as we can and then fly on to Oz.

Does this seem feasable? Does anyone know a company that would offer a cheap bundle of flights, eg UK to SA, SA to Oz?

I am reluctant to get a round the world ticket due to the initial price but then again I can only see expensive flights from SA to Oz.

Thanks in advance for any responses.


2. Posted by Piecar (Travel Guru 894 posts) 7y

I have always flown with a oneway ticket into Latin America....Never been asked ever ever EVER for an onward ticket....I do say that it is possible and they can ask you. I think they have this as a reasonable way of denying someone who looks like they will be a drain on the economy. Put the dreadlocks in a ponytail. Cover up the nazi tattoos. Keep the swearing to a minimum. Try to wear clothes that are clean. You'll be fine.

3. Posted by Ofelia (Respected Member 142 posts) 7y

I've entered South America twice, once without a return ticket (arrived in Rio) and once in Santiago, when I had a RTW ticket which was expiring the next day. Didn't get asked anything either time, and the whole process of getting my passport stamped took like 7 seconds anyway.

4. Posted by Simon1983 (Budding Member 50 posts) 7y

Thank you for that you two, puts my mind at ease. One way ticket it is!

5. Posted by Piecar (Travel Guru 894 posts) 7y

In the spirit of total disclosure, I DID have trouble today crossing the border from Guabito to Sixaola (Panama to Costa Rica) They absolutely had to have proof of an onward ticket....They provided the workaround themselves. Go PAST the border booth to the Farmacia (on your left. there is a bridge from the road to it) Buy a ticket back there. and then bring it back to them. I don't get what the border gets out of this farce, but they must have it. For expediency, crossing that border, just go immediately to the drugstore...

....or you can carry a printed itinerary from Expedia or something. Just as good.

Took me five hours to go from Bocas Del Toro to the other side of the border and then to Puerto Viejo. in klicks, it's about 120. Gag!!!!

6. Posted by geoffk (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

Hi Simon,

Just starting some research myself into flying one way to South America for 3 months and then onto Australia. Am trying to find the cheapest place to fly to in SA and out of to Aus'. You mention flying into Rio for cheapness, just wondered if you had any other nuggets of wisdom you would not mind sharing?



7. Posted by Simon1983 (Budding Member 50 posts) 7y

Hi Geoff,

I think we're going to be flying into Buenos Aires via Sao Paulo. It was about £400 one way. I think we're now going to get returns (£550) because we couldn't find any cheap flights from SA to Oz. Come back to the UK and earn some more money to buy flights to Oz. We're flying with TAM (Portugal).

I hope it helps,


8. Posted by geoffk (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y

Cheers Simon, that is a help. The bit about no cheap flights to Aus' is a bit of a nightmare though, I am actually moving there permanently and just visiting SA on the way. What was the cheapest you found?

Thanks again,