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Looking for car / van / truck / 4x4 for sale in South Americ

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Looking for car / van / truck / 4x4 for sale in South Americ

1. Posted by huevosrevu (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y


We are looking for a vehicle (truck/van/car/4x4) in South America (wherever) to buy in April 2010. We want to use it to travel around South America for a year.

Suggestions/tips/further info in relation to buying and driving a car in South America are also welcome.


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3. Posted by stefann22 (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y


We are currently doing a trip in South America with a Volkswagen Kombi that we bought in Santiago, Chile. The car is from 1990 and has been transformed in a little camper by the previous owner. You can see some pictures on our website, just to get an idea about it:

Some info on the car:
- 1600cc engine, needs around 10l of gasoline for 100km, ~160.000km so far
- the engine is 80% new as we replaced it almost entirely before we left
- it has
a bed
stove with gas
shower on the exterior of the car
portable chemical toilet
a tent you can set up on the roof
a curtain that can be installed while parked on the side of the car to protect from sun
plenty of storage space (for clothes and kitchen as well)
- we installed a second battery for using while parked
- new tires, bought in Santiago before we left
- the price: 6000usd

We also will provide all the maps we have (we've been so far in north of Chile, Peru, now we are in Bolivia and next we'll be Argentina and again Chile, the south) and information about border crossing and all...

The only thing is that we'll finish the trip in may and we'd like to sell it around mid may, in Chile...


4. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 1997 posts) 6y

One website that might help is Craigslist - in several S. American countries, here's the link for the Rio Craigslist and Lima Craigslist

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5. Posted by marcelkers (Budding Member 45 posts) 6y

have a look at
click on Panamerican Forum (at the bottom of the page)
All in german though but surely you can make out which are about cars on sale

6. Posted by huevosrevu (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

Thanks all for your replies. We have decided to buy a car in the USA and drive it down ourselves ;)

Thanks for the tip about, any blogs/websites with useful info on the panamericana or similar is of great use!

We are leaving in two weeks, flying to the States, can't wait!!

7. Posted by marcelkers (Budding Member 45 posts) 6y
is a great website full of info. Mainly used by bikers , but country,border,lodging etc info is the same for a motorbike or a car.
Have a great journey!

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