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21. Posted by arodasi (Budding Member 16 posts) 7y

Starting end of November for about six months to Bolivia, Chile (Atacama-area), Easter Island, New Zealand, Mongolia, and Bhutan or Birma.

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22. Posted by becksl19 (Budding Member 17 posts) 7y

Hi Guys,

In April I will (finally) be leaving Perth and heading off to Danang for a few weeks to work with a friend in the orphanages before moving on to Europe, North America and South America. Should be in Victoria in time to spend Christmas with the fam. Nine whole wonderful months! I am so excited, I can't believe I have to wait to April before I leave!!

23. Posted by ader8738 ( 0 posts) 7y

i plan to visit around the whole european countries.

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24. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 7y

Quoting ader8738

i plan to visit around the whole european countries.

There are more than 50

25. Posted by traveldad (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y

We've waited years for 2010. This is the year we go to South africa for the World Cup. My 2 boys (14 and 12) and myself and my wife. We have some great tickets although still trying for the semi final and final !

26. Posted by WillowR (Budding Member 13 posts) 7y

Off to Prague in near future. Then thinking about Talinn or Budapest in the summer - hoping to find a travel buddy for that or persuade a friend to be mad enough to roam about with me.

27. Posted by Budai (Respected Member 506 posts) 7y

West and North Africa! Hopefully. The whole getting-the-visas-before-departure-for-almost-every-country part is very discouraging though.

Just for fun i'm kinda hoping to have set foot in 3 continents by the time i turn 21... not a record, just that it'd be nice to know i guess :)

Hmm... or maybe i'll just be lazy and fly to Istanbul and take a train to Eastern Europe... Sounds like a plan.

Excited. Off in 6 months! (im already counting down )

- the rebranded "itenerant" - can't stand the spelling error anymore!

28. Posted by johnadison (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y

Thanks for the nice information.

In 2010 I want to travel for Australia.

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29. Posted by Adri204 (Budding Member 82 posts) 7y

Im planning on traveling a lot in 2010, So far im planning on traveling to Scotland to start out with and then I plan to help at a hostel on the border of Scotland/England. Then I plan to travel around eastern and western europe and also Turkey as well. My tentitive plan is to be in Isreal for Christmas and New Years. I then want to travel around Africa and then travel overland towards Australia. I want to see Australia in my summer thier winter 2011. Im planning some extending traveling for 1-3 years and maybe even more. I have the wonderlust :)

Adri :)

30. Posted by kidintown (Budding Member 59 posts) 7y

Just got back from a relaxing holiday in Nepal.

Will be traveling to Pushkar next week and then spending a couple of weeks in Goa .

Might be visiting my brother in Amsterdam followed by a week in Spain in July.

It will either be Vietnam and Laos or Romania, Hungary and Czech Republic at the end of the year.

Hope to meet some fellow travelers along the way.


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