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Handiest item to take on a trip?!?!?!

Travel Forums General Talk Handiest item to take on a trip?!?!?!


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21. Posted by WeeJoe (Respected Member 336 posts) 12y

A big bowl of sherry trifle.

22. Posted by boomink (Full Member 17 posts) 12y

a pareo. it can be converted to the following:

=> a dress
=> a blanket
=> a raincoat
=> a head-covering (when visiting Muslim countries)
=> a skirt
=> a pillow when rolled-up
=> a towel

i'm sure someone can figure out more ways on using the pareo

23. Posted by Keelzy (Budding Member 10 posts) 12y

I probably sound like hte biggest moron in the world...but can someone tell me what a pareo is?!?!?!?!

24. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 12y

IT's funny, you think you need so much when you're travelling,
I always said it would be fun to travel with the smallest bag and it wasn't until I lost my entire rucksack in a campfire that I realised I actually could do it, and with very little money...


my item would be...


does for washing, you, your hands,your hair, your clothes, anything!

(I like to be clean )

25. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y

I probably sound like hte biggest moron in the world...but can someone tell me what a pareo is?!?!?!?!

I've never heard that word before either (well, not in a context that can be published on a family site anyway), but from the uses listed, i'd say it sounds much like a sarong type thingy, which lots of people highly recommend due to it's numerous uses, but as yet i've never tried.

Mim - agree an all purpose soapy thing is required, preferably a solid one as well (how many people have had spills in their bags? - not if it's a solid soap!), and also how easy it is to travel light if you have to or are brave enough to try. You really don't need much stuff, even for extended trips

26. Posted by angela_ (Respected Member 1732 posts) 12y

A Pareo is almost the simplest of capes to make. It is a long length of wool fabric about 70 to 80 inches made from 60 inch wide cloth that is slit and very lightly shaped part way up the centre fold.

Or so some site I found told me.

27. Posted by Keelzy (Budding Member 10 posts) 12y

Thanks for the Pareo advice!!! That can go on the list to take along with duct tape!! :)

Mim - clean is good...tell me more about this travel soap. Can you seriously use it for everything?? Hair as well?? The less I have to pack........the better!!

Oh oh...does anyone have one of those teeny towels that absorb heaps of water? Where did you buy it from??

28. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y

I've got one of those towels - actually, 2, so i can alternate them on trips - and i swear by them. I NEVER take a normal towel anywhere. You can get them (in Europe at least) from any decent outdoor/camping/travel shop, and you can normally get them in a couple of different sizes.

As for soap, whilst admittedly i don't have huge masses of hair or anything, but instead of proper travel soap, i tend to take just a normal bar of soap (often a slightly medical type one - that's not the word i'm looking for, but all i can come up with, sorry! - like Cidal, but essentially, just normal soap). And that cleans me, my hair, my clothes and anything else i need it to.

29. Posted by mtlchica (Respected Member 922 posts) 12y

I agree with the sarong/pareo's great for everything. I bought one for a couple euros in Spain last year and used it throughout my entire european adventure as a beach towel (since the only towel I used was one of those camping towels you guys just refered to - which can be purchased in outdoor/camping stores in Canada as well).

Rich/Gelli: Do you mean anti-bacterial soap?

Katie ;)

30. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 12y

Toilet paper