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Scandinavian Meet Up - Stockholm, Sweden, 4-6 February 2005

Travel Forums Europe Scandinavian Meet Up - Stockholm, Sweden, 4-6 February 2005

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1. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 12y

Sam I Am has indicated that this thread is about Sweden

Yes, good people, I am finally getting my act together and arranging a Scandinavian meet up. Based on a few other threads, there is definitely interest in this and I think there are a few who already have the dates crossed off in their agenda's. Anyone who doesn't, you had better get x-ing :)

So, the plan only encompasses a date and a place at the moment, but it's a start! The weekend is the one between 4-6 February 2005 and the place is Stockholm, Sweden.

Main reason for this location is that there are usually some good deals heading this way as it is a pretty major hub (as far as Scandinavia goes) for budget airlines.

Let me know if you are planning to come and need accommodation. I'll see if I can arrange something somewhere decent for a good price (remember, it is Scandinavia )



2. Posted by Tolemak (Full Member 75 posts) 12y

Hi Sam.
If I am not offshore at that date I`m coming. Hopefully I`ll work something out with my boss. But I am working like crazy now to get enough money to start travelling the globe. But I`ll do my best to make it.

Also looks like I`ll be staying at The Flying Pig in Amsterdam so thanks for helping.



-In heaven they have no beer, that`s why we drink it here-

3. Posted by sole (Full Member 208 posts) 12y

Soooo you DID get the message, Sam ;)

I'm in for that week-end, will check flights straight away.


4. Posted by tea (Budding Member 16 posts) 12y

Can I come ??... I can imagine the conversation now...
Me: "MUM ! Im off out..."
Mum: "Where too Darling?"
Me: "Stokholm. Be home by tuesday"
:rubs hands together: ... hehe... cunning...

5. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y

Tea - Heck, just do it and sent your parents a Picture Message Text (postcard takes too long) when you get there. By then it's probably too late for them to complain. And unless your under 16 or maybe 18, why would they complain anyway?

Btw, Sam et al:

The weekend is the one between 4-6 February 2005

Sorry to be a pain in the arse, but unfortanately i have customers visiting the week before so won't be able to get up to Stockholm until the Sat morning. As such, can i request if there is a single official gathering type thingy that it's the Saturday, and not the Friday?

Even more pushing my luck, as it's also Wales v England in the Rugby late that afternoon (18.30 - 20.30ish), either the meet is later on, or we start in an Irish bar at least until the game is over?! Regardless of where you decide, guessing i'll be in the Dubliner at least until the game finishes...

6. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 12y

You really like to push your luck Rich :)

Saturday works fine as the main day and considering I am a bit of a sports nut myself, why don't we set the Dubliner as the meeting place to start with? You might have to help me with the exact rules of rugby Rich but I promise I'll be rooting for Wales

While we're on the topic. I suggest everyone coming looks into arranging their own accommodation. That gives everyone plenty of flexibility to find a place that is right for their budget and not involve a lot of arranging for one person that might end up being for nothing
Of course if anyone wants tips on a place to stay, pop me a message and I'll see what I can come up with...



7. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y

Ok, i've actually booked my train now so i can't be conned into being elsewhere for work. So unless i get hit by a bus or something, i'll be there on the Sat, and unfirtunately your all going to have to put up with me. Harsh on you i admit, as Nikki can probably attest.

Sam - I was partly joking, but if you/others are happy with that, the Dubliner is probably as good a place to start as any, and i'm sure you'll enjoy the semi surreal experience of a crowded pub of mainly Brits/Aus/Kiwi/Boks/French all cheering/crying and desperately getting their fix of a sport, in a country where none of the locals and very few others around the world have the faintest idea whats going on!

Early days yet, but at this point, who's coming? TPes? Anybody?

8. Posted by GretaGarbo (Full Member 48 posts) 12y

Hi guys,
This Gelli person told me to check you out.
Watching rugby will be a first for me, but you may have seen me at Globen jumping for joy when "my" hockey team scored.
Anyhow, am looking forward to the rugby and all...

9. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y

Yay. GG is coming as well!!

Sole - are you you still trying to come up,
Tolemak - Are you working that weekend, and
Tea - how's your cunning plan coming along...?

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