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1. Posted by elliottk (Inactive, 40 posts) 30 Dec '09 18:30

Has anyone written an "official" style guide for travellers point travel guides? After editing an article quite a bit, I realised that those before me were using UK English and I was using US English. To make it internally consistent, I went back and changed some of the UK spellings because it was easier than changing what I had written. Was this a faux pax? Or perhaps it doesn't even matter so long as others understand what is being written.

2. Posted by lil_lil (Travel Guru, 462 posts) 30 Dec '09 18:34

Hi Elliott, maybe this will help:
Since you're writing re US destination, according to the guide, consistent use of American English is the way to go. ;)

For all other travel guide help related articles:

3. Posted by Lavafalls (Travel Guru, 155 posts) 5 Jan '10 11:58

In general UK english is the default except within the USA articles. Remember that within the USA articles to list feet then (meters) and in articles in other countries reverse it.