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working visa ends in june 2010 - how to stay on in EU?

Travel Forums Europe working visa ends in june 2010 - how to stay on in EU?

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I am a fully certified American ESL teacher living in CZ. I came here in the fall of 2008 on a working visa through the school where I am currently employed.

The original plan was to get into the EU via this opportunity and then try to find work where I really want to be (Madrid, Spain) where I have friends and loved ones. My ESL college told me that I would have an easier time moving between countries once I got here, but I am finding that isn't the case. Between the economic crisis and the general difficulty in obtaining EU papers for an American national, it seems the doors to Western Europe are closed to me for the time being.

At the moment, I am wondering about a couple of things. First: my working visa expires on 30 June 2010 and while I could try to get an extension on the visa I have, I don't want to stay at the school where I am. The first issue I have is this: is 6/30 is the last day I have the right to be in the EU? I was thinking that maybe it might be the last day of the working visa and that the next day, 7/1 would be the first day of a tourist visa (wishful thinking?).

Second: I am seriously thinking about going to Madrid "sin papeles". I have read conflicting information on other websites about other ESL teachers doing the same thing -- everything from it's not that big a deal (esp. if you are an American or Aussie) to you'd better watch your back no matter who you are. Is there any information/advice anyone here can give me about taking such a route? I still have time to work this out and do have friends/loved ones who can help. But I also know what they can do for me is probably limited.

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Next time, please bullet-list your questions. Easier that way.

Re expiration date: long-term visa are country-specific, but the general rule is that your valid title of residence ends immediately with the expiration of the visa. Some countries give you an additional few days to get your gone, but that's exceptional. Check with the CZ authorities to make sure.

Re tourist visa: I'm assuming that your current visa is a so-called C+D visa, which gives you the opportunity to travel Schengen for 90 days during the validity period of the long-term visa. If that is the case, you cannot apply for a short-term (C-type) visa rightaway. If you have only been in the Czech Republic while you were holding the visa, you may be eligible for a short-term visa. Again, consult the authorities who issued your current visa.

Re sin papeles: you won't get away with that, and we're certainly not gonna help you bend the rules.

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If you are a US citizen you can try your luck in Germany.

German rules allow US-citizens to apply for a residency permit after they entered Germany. So if you can get yourself a job teaching English in Germany you can try that route. Leave Czech Republic about two weeks before June 30th 2010 and apply for a residency permit in Germany in the city where you found the job. It won't be easy, but certainly easier that trying to get by without papers in Spain.

Let me know if you want more information.