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Changing the title of a page

Travel Forums Wiki Travel Guide Changing the title of a page

1. Posted by NuMexiKan (Full Member, 3 posts) 5 Jan '10 19:47

I added a new page last night, and was wondering how I would change the title if I messed up. When I edit a page, I don't see where I can change the title. I came across a statement in one of the forum articles that there was a "Change Title" button, but I don't ever see that button. Am I overlooking something, or is it because I'm not a full member.

Whatever the method is, I think a blurb about changing page titles in the "About:Naming articles" page would be helpful.

[ Edit: Edited on 05-Jan-2010, at 19:48 by CptnRon ]

2. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5463 posts) 5 Jan '10 22:17

Actually, it is only available to moderators and respected members and higher. Good point about needing to explain this somewhere. I'll get on to that now.

In the meanwhile, if you want a title changed, just let me know which one and I'll do it. Another way of making such a request would be through the "Discuss" page for the article.

3. Posted by NuMexiKan (Full Member, 3 posts) 6 Jan '10 16:37

Thanks. I'll post in the "Discuss" page if I find any title changes.