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Musical holiday in the US. Later this year?

Travel Forums North America Musical holiday in the US. Later this year?

1. Posted by KarinaBezz (Budding Member, 11 posts) 8 Jan '10 09:00

This is literally just in its 'idea' stage at the moment, just want to see if there'd be any interest?
Basically I'm a singer/songwriter based in England (21/f) planning on travelling all over the US and maybe playing a few gigs along the way? THEN i thought, how much fun would it be to do this with some like-minded people??? Maybe even some musicians to play with?? (although that isnt a nessesity at all, you'd be great if you just love music and want to join the adventure!) Maybe we could even rent/buy a van? I dont know, its all just ideas, ideas, ideas at the moment!

If you want to check out my music see last fm or youtube - this is by all means NOT a plug for my music!!! just so you can get an idea about me!

Let me know your thoughts?
Karina Berry

2. Posted by jambo101 (Respected Member, 414 posts) 9 Jan '10 03:23

Thanks for the Youtube headsup,you are definitely pleasing to eye and ear,not sure how you would get around USA but i would suggest trying to hook up with other musicians doing some kind of festival circuit.

3. Posted by jimhowe (Budding Member, 14 posts) 16 Jan '10 09:24


I was actually thinking of doing the exact same thing. I thought I would say hi, and maybe we could throw ideas at each other and maybe maybe a bit later something will happen. its cool that there's someone else out there thinking the same thing though!

im also in England, m/22 living near london. i did have a look on youtube, but only at the top video-is that the firehouse in exeter you're playing at? i went to uni there!

anyway, hit me back if youre interested. i literally just made an account so you wont find a lot on there but ask if theres anyting you want.


4. Posted by TylerJames (Respected Member, 333 posts) 21 Jan '10 10:40

NYC->boston->Northampton, MA-> Burlington, VT->Denver->Steamboat Springs