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Japan for two weeks... do I have enough cash?

Travel Forums Asia Japan for two weeks... do I have enough cash?

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1. Posted by Seany (Respected Member 268 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!


So the plan is to fky into Osaka after me and by buddy book our flights next week. We plan to leave about 3 weeks later from London.

Now I haven't done too much research but what I do know is that Japan is quite expensive and the current exhange rate is about 140-150yen for a pound which don't look too pretty....

I've wanted to go for ages but I've always ended up in SE Asia due to value for money. I did suggest going for 10days but when we are paying £500 for the flight plus the lengthy journey we do really wana stay for two weeks.

Anyway, we each have about £1200 for the weeks to spend and that includes accomadation. One of the reasons we are going is to do a fair bit or partying bars/clubs and such. We also want to do some snow boarding/skiing which neither of us have tried yet. Is this expensive? And where is best do do this? I guess we will do this for 2days max?

Hostels seem a fair price at $30-40. Will we need to book in advance?

How much is an average Japanese meal in a standard resturant?

I personaly think we wont have enough cash but my friends does so I'm trying to weigh it up...

Anyway, any other advice on places to see, things to try and things not too would be cool.
Also maybe a route if someone could suggest one?

Cheers Gang!

2. Posted by SA-Tokyo (Budding Member 30 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi, you are coming to Osaka , and you wanna skiing and so on.

>Hostels seem a fair price at $30-40. Will we need to book in advance?

Yes. Japan has lots of hotel for business person & fancy hotels , but It is not so many hostels.
And you know you cannot find many Japanese who can speak English well.
Japan has cheap hotel with dinner & breakfast , we call "Minshuku" , but almost all Minshuku , you cannot find anyone can speak English.....

So If you've already found nice hostel , you'd better book in advance.
I think..

>How much is an average Japanese meal in a standard resturant?

Ummmmmm , Japanese loves eating !! So many price ranges.......
Depends on restaurants... Standard restaurants ......I cannot decide which level is standard...Sorry.
Can you eat Japanese traditional cheap meal ?
For example , "Gyu-don = Beef bowl" , "Ramen" and so on.
If you have "Gyu-don" at cheap restaurant , you can eat it for around 300-400yen.

And If you don't have enough money , you can go to convenience stores
( Ex , Seven Eleven , Family Mart , Sankus......and so on . It's easy to find & their open 24 hours)
You can buy some "Obento = Lunch box " and sandwiches , and so on.
When you buy "Obento" , shop assistant ask you " You wanna make it warm ?".
If you say "Yes" , they put "Obento" into microwave to make it hot .
OFC , it's free service.

And if you buy instant nodles in those stores , you can get boiling water no charge.
So you can cook it , and you can eat.
Shop assistant gives you free chopsticks.

Weekdays lunch time , many restaurants provide cheap lunch meal.
Price range from 800 to 1,000 yen.
Cheap reastaurant sometimes has from around 700 yen.

But evening time , they don't have.....but you know some cheap restaurant , they sell some meal still from 300-400yen.
Please ask Japanese.
They cannot speak English well , but some of them , they can understand what you wanna ask.
So they help you !!!!

If I lived in Osaka. I would help you .
But I live in Tokyo. Sorry.
I can only tell some informations.

&&& you wanna skiing ,
I think ,,,,,,"Shiga Kogen" maybe good access from Osaka....

Osaka has no skiing place ,,, I think.

I hope you can enjoy Japan travel

My english level is not good.
If you cannot understand what I wanna say.
Please ask me.

Have a nice weekend

3. Posted by wyemarn (Budding Member 29 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi, I'm a foreigner and this is my fourth year in Japan. First of all, most Japanese are not fluent in English you might have hard time going around. However, most train stations and buses in big cities have English so you wouldn't have much problem. Japanese transportation is very punctual so make sure you don't miss your train bus. I recommend you to get free maps from tourist booth in big cities. Most should have English maps/guides.

Exchange rate for yen is quite high now compared to a year ago so, things might be more expensive. For accomodation, I suggest Youth Hostel in Japan and there are youth hostels in big cities. Some are conviniently located and some are quite far from city centre so please find out the location. Even if you can cheap hostels located far from city centre, you will be wasting time and money travelling because transportation is quite expensive. Hostels cost around 2000-3000 yen depending on location.

The cheapest hotel here is business hotels but the room is quite small. There are semi-double beds for business hotel, which is for 2 person but if both of you are big size, it might not be comfortable. Price for business hotel starts from around 4000 yen for single, 5500 yen for semi double depending on location, facilities and etc.

If you want to try the real Japanese hotel, then I suggest ryokan. You will be sleeping the Japanese style, on tatami mat and futon. You can also enjoy hot spring and spa in ryokans. Price starts from 8000 yen per head and Japanese style dinner and breakfast are normally provided.

Since you have two weeks, I suggest a week in Osaka area and a week around Tokyo. You can spend a few days in Osaka and there is a special ticket for unlimited transport and free entrace to a few tourist spots in Osaka. Then move on to Kyoto. There are a few popular temples and Kyoto is always full of tourists. Everything is expensive in Kyoto so maybe you might not want to spend lots of time there.

For ski/snowboard, there are no snow in Osaka and Tokyo. If you want to ski, you might need to take your own transport to ski resort or join ski tour package. Tour package normally cost around 20,000 yen per head and even if you go to the resort yourselves, lift ticket and equipment rentals will cost around 10,000 yen a day.

For partying/clubs be prepared to spend 3000 to 5000 yen for few hours of drink. For food the cheapest will be around 400~500 yen for beef rice or a bowl of noodle. For value of money, I suggest budget buffets which cost around 1000 yen. An average meal will cost around 700 yen in restaurants. Other alternatives are getting lunch box from supermakets.

I have lots more things to write so maybe you can ask some specific questions. Finally, be prepared to spend at least 5000~6000 yen per day to survive in Japan.


4. Posted by SA-Tokyo (Budding Member 30 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I have to notice....

Public bath , Spa , "ONSEN",,
If you have tatoo , you can not take in.
I know tatoo is usually fashion , but in Japan , people with traditional design tatoo means Japanese mafia (YAKUZA).
So they don't accept people with tatoo.
There is no trouble for travel. Only Spa.
In Japanese Spa , you have to be naked , so you cannot hide it:(
If you have individual spa , you can enjoy it.
But usually that kind of spa ,,,,,, you have to pay extra money.

Have a nice day

5. Posted by Seany (Respected Member 268 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys, thanks for your advice you gave.

My english level is not good.
If you cannot understand what I wanna say.
Please ask me.

If I could speak Japanese aswell as you can English I would be very happy!

Thanks Wyemarn for that info too. I may send you a PM at some point if thats cool.. You seem in the know...

Cheers peeps

6. Posted by sivarmn (Budding Member 39 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!


I feel the budget u have might be pretty tight or maybe less for 2 weeks... Nighclubbing and drinks in pubs will burn ur pockets... Food wont be a big problem. We used to spend some 1000-1200yen per meal including a few drinks(and we were also very specific many a times. Indian many a times)... But u get lot of shops around 500 per meal...

Nikko near Tokyo has got skiing resorts. Couple of hours ride from tokyo...

Dont depend on buses... the last trip is around 5 in many of the places... and u dont want to be walking all the way finding a railway station.(unfortunately we had walked long way w/o knowing the timings of bus :()
for railway timings and routes.

always take a note of the timings of the last train... will be helpful for ur planning... and some japanese... like right, left, straight, train station etc...