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10 days within 03 countries: austria-czech republic-germany

Travel Forums Round the World Travel 10 days within 03 countries: austria-czech republic-germany

1. Posted by MunOnBoard (Budding Member 19 posts) 7y

hello guys,

i need ur planning to go to those 3 countries within 10 idea where to go,i mean "must -see-sight".
if u have any good idea,pls do suggest me or of whoever also plan to go pls introduce urslf,we may travel together.
im going to leave from bangkok.anyway,which is the best time to go for a economy backpackerlike me?

thank you in advance


2. Posted by lil_lil (Travel Guru 462 posts) 7y

With such time constraint, I'd recommend staying only in main cities (for ease of travelling by public transport). One itinerary you could try is Vienna - Prague - Berlin. Fly in to Vienna, fly out from Berlin, and use train to travel in between the cities.

In my opinion, May would be a good month to travel, as it's still in the shoulder season but the weather would have been warmer in late spring, than in late winter (February) or early spring (March). Summer months (June to August) would be busier with more tourists on the road. Otherwise, September would be a good time to travel too, again back to shoulder season while retaining the warmer weather still.

3. Posted by MunOnBoard (Budding Member 19 posts) 7y

thanks lil lil!

u have made a good advise.i agreed with your idea.

so i will plan in may and do exact what u suggested me.

but one more thing,do i need to apply visa for those 3 countries or only one time of schngen visa.

thank again

4. Posted by Matt70_2 (Budding Member 51 posts) 7y


There are a number of good places in Czech other than Prague.

You should have a look into Cesky Krumlov, it is about 3 hours away from Prague by bus and only one hour away from Linz.

It is a small walled medival town with a beautiful castle, good bars and good scenary surrounding it.

I stayed in a awesome Hostel with great staff, let me know if you want the name.


5. Posted by Adri204 (Budding Member 82 posts) 7y

once you are in the zone you are good to go and dont need a visa for each country. Check Visa requirements as they very for example I am from the usa and dont need a visa to travel the zone, Happy travels,

Adri :)

6. Posted by lil_lil (Travel Guru 462 posts) 7y

These countries are all in the Schengen and assuming you're Thai citizen, you'll need a visa to cover all three of them. Since you only have 10 days to visit, going to 3 countries, that works out to roughly 3 days per country. You can apply for the visa through the embassy/consulate of the first country you'll be entering.

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7. Posted by MunOnBoard (Budding Member 19 posts) 7y

thanks guys!

all the comments r helpful to me.yes,im thai so i will need only one time applying visa.

now, im in gathering info proceed and it seems there are too many places to visit.i think i may make
my destinations lesser,haha.may b 2 countries r enough.

by the way,travelling by train across border is cheaper or by air?

p.s too many questions come up.

nice day

8. Posted by lil_lil (Travel Guru 462 posts) 7y

You certainly can reduce it to 2 countries. Afterall, 10 days is not a lot of time.

The option of flying, say, between Vienna and Prague, they're quite limited and therefore expensive. Flight time is only about 1 hour but once you add on time to travel to/fro airports, as well as time required for check-in and security etc, you could end up spending 4-5 hours. Train travel between the two takes approximately 5 hours. So, time-wise comparable.

Cost wise, usually the train is the cheaper option. I don't know of budget airline that flies that route, so I can't say much, but know that if you fly, you must not only consider the flight ticket but also costs for transportation to/fro airport.

9. Posted by MunOnBoard (Budding Member 19 posts) 7y

im thinking abt crossing country by train.must b fun and full of excitement.

i cant find info abt train. i wanna know fare of each route.

if i reduce to 02 countries,so i need more places to visit.but now still dont know.

anyway,what do backpackers do to save the budget?pls advise coz the way i am doing still havent saved much.

thx guru

10. Posted by lil_lil (Travel Guru 462 posts) 7y

What do you mean by your can't find info about train? Is it just about the price? In any case, fare can be very varied, depending on the route, the type of train, etc. You can also consider looking into getting Eurail rail pass.

Your question is quite vague and hard to answer, so I'm going to direct you to Seat 61 website which is an excellent rail guide, and there are guides on how to get tickets etc.

As for places you want to visit, you'll need to figure yourself what are your interests. 10 people can give 10 different itineraries, so it's by no means easy in any way.