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The Ultimate Thailand Trip

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1. Posted by 2theD (Inactive, 12 posts) 5 Dec '04 01:02

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This post is a bit past overdue, but I have finished my motorbike trip "around Thailand". I planned on 100 days but instead took 96 days (due to my best friend and girlfriends' begging). It took place May 11th, 2004 - August 20th, 2004 with a 5 day necessary break. These were the places I stayed (hotel - price/day) in order:

Kanchanaburi (V&N Guesthouse - 100B)
Singburi (Singburi Hotel - 200B)
Nakhon Sawan (Ngwan Seng Hotel - 120B)
Kamphaeng Phet (Three J Guesthouse - 300B)
Tak (Mae Ping Hotel - 110B)
Mae Sot (Mae Sot Guesthouse - 300B)
Mae Sariang (Mitaree Hotel - 200B)
Mae Sariang (Riverside Guesthouse - 280B)
Mae Hong Son (Panorama Hotel - 250B)
Pai - (Ton Sa Guestghouse - 150B)
Chiang Mai (Namkhong Guesthouse - 100B)
Fang (Chok Thani Hotel - 250B)
Mae Sai (Yunnan Guesthouse - 250B)
Chiang Rai (Pintamorn Guesthouse - 150B)
Phayao (Tharn Thong Hotel - 140B)
Nan (Suchkesom Hotel - 220B)
Phrae (Toongsri Paiboon Hotel - 130B)
Uttaradit (P. Wamit1 Hotel - 170B)
Phitsanulok (Youth Hostel - 120B)
Phetchabun (Sawatdee Bungalow - 250B)
Chaiyaphum (Ratanasiri Hotel - 200B)
Khon Kaen (Europe Guesthouse - 250B)
Loei (Royal Inn Hotel - 250B)
Udon Thani (Sritrtkarn Hotel - 140B)
Nong Khai (Mutmee Guesthouse - 130B)
Khon Kaen (Sansamran Hotel - 150B)
Mahasarakham (Vasu Hotel - 400B)
Roi-et (Bua Taung Hotel - 120B)
Kalasin (Sang Tong Hotel - 200B)
Sakhon Nakhon (Hotel Araya 2 - 180B)
Nakhon Phanom (Windsor Hotel - 250B)
Mukdahan (Sangthai Hotel - 250B)
Yasothon (Yasothon Hotel - 220B)
Ubon Ratchathani (Tokyo Hotel - 200B)
Sisaket (Santisuk Hotel - 150B)
Surin (Sang Tong Hotel - 220B)
Buriram (PND Hotel - 400B)
Khorat (Cathay Hotel - 200B)
Sa Kaeo (Kavee Hotel - 230B)
Chantaburi (Muang Chan Hotel - 230B)
Rayong (Saha Yong Hotel - 200B)
Chanburi (Namchai Hotel - 220B)
Prachinburi (Siinch Somjai Hotel - 120B)
Saraburi (Saraburi Hotel - 230B)
Ayutthaya (Iudea Guesthouse - 150B)
Nakhon Pathom (Siam Hotel - 220B)

All in all I travlled 8,927.5 kilometers and spent 48,220 Baht (or $1159.14 and 5547.3 miles). As my original budget was 500B a day. I managed to come to 497.1B a day. The average consumption of my budget:
40.60% - consumables
33.41% - lodging
07.86% - gasoline
06.03% - misc.
03.62% - phone cards
01.90% - newspapers
01.70% - internet
01.23% - laundry
01.04% - police tickets
00.87% - movies
00.63% - motorbike repairs
00.60% - haircuts
00.26% - bank fees
00.25% - additional fees

On average I spent 19B per liter of 91 petrol (.424B per kilometer). I burned 199.4 liters of gas requiring 74 refills. It turned out to be about 44.77 kilometers per liter or 105.3 miles per gallon. On average I did 92.04 kilometers per day (57.19 miles per day).

It was magical, wet, and memorable. Very little language barriers, no traffic accidents, and a few new friends. However, it pays to know the language, own a motorbike, and be accustomed to traveling the land.


Mike D.

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 5 Dec '04 07:13

Wow, what an amazing post.

Thanks for the insight and especially the breakdown in terms of costs. That's great info to have for anyone planning a Thailand trip! I am sure those percentages can also roughly be used elsewhere in the world for budgetting purposes....



3. Posted by areinstein (Travel Guru, 2787 posts) 21 Jan '05 08:45

Hi Mike, my name is Anne Reinstein and I am traveling to SE Asia for three weeks only. That was a great message you posted there. Anyway, I am backpacking Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in three weeks so I can only hit the main places and move on but I was wondering if you can give me some helpful hints about where to stay and where to go once my friend and I arrive in Bangkok. I dont know if there are special places where backpackers hang out and meet for some info exchange or cab sharing rides.
I do have a lot of questions but I will wait for your reply first before I hit you with all of them (they relate to what to bring, what to leave behind in the hotels, safety, foods, diseases, etc). Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!!

4. Posted by Chada (Full Member, 118 posts) 21 Jan '05 10:43

Amazing ! Indeed ! The highest hotel price per night is 400 Baht.. wow.. wow...

hehehe @ 01.04% - police tickets ...interesting data. I am saving that hotel list really!! It can be very useful for future reference.

Thanks! 2theD

5. Posted by Chada (Full Member, 118 posts) 21 Jan '05 10:56

Oh some more questions. Those are the expenses for one person through to the entire trip, right?

And, did you take pictures along your journey, especially pictures of your motorbike? I am eager to see them

6. Posted by 2theD (Inactive, 12 posts) 21 Jan '05 23:20

The expenses were for one person, yes. I'm very proud of the "01.04% - police tickets" for police tickets. The police are jerks. Anyway, I got 225 pictures from the trip including temples, ruins, waterfalls, hot springs, natural phenomena, and friends. BUT I don't have them online yet. I'm typing up my travel journal now. It's a huge task so it's taking a little while. I hope to add stories to it and post it all on my future website with all the pictures. It'll be quite a while until that happens though! I hope it'll be posted before summer starts.

I wish more people read about this cause it was such a great trip. Better than the one Ewan McGregor did on his motorcyle from London to New York. He had sponsers, doctors, a film crew and whatnot. My trip? Just me and what I could carry. Stayin' true.

Mike D.