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Crossing the prairies in the winter by bus?

Travel Forums North America Crossing the prairies in the winter by bus?

1. Posted by barby (Full Member 52 posts) 12y

So I'm looking into going to Winnipeg for the holidays and I want to go bad enough that I wouldn't mind sitting on a bus for a long trip, but is this too much? Its a 37 hour bus ride

I'm really broke, and if I buy in advance, I can get there for $214 if I take the bus, but the absolute cheapest flight I can get (by combining airlines to get the cheapest combo of one ways) will come to about $380. This is a signifigant enough difference for me, I think... but I'm not sure.

Has anybody done it before? It might be nice, because in Canada, I've never been east of Alberta, so I can catch some scenery. But nontheless, 37 hours is a LONG trip... perhaps if its something I should avoid, then I should do so.

Any thoughts?

2. Posted by barby (Full Member 52 posts) 12y

One more catch: I have to buy within the next couple of days, or the cheap bus fare is out the window, and the cheap flights probably will be too.

3. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1998 posts) 12y

You didn't say where your starting point is, but by the comments, I'm presuming it's in Vancouver, British Columbia.

One possibility is to take a bus to Seattle, Washington--about a 2 to 3 hour drive, take a plane from there to Minneapolis, Minnesota--then take the bus from there to Winnepeg--about an 8 hour drive.

You would think this would be more costly--but the cost of the plane from Seattle to Minneapolis is only $105 or $107 one-way on either Sun Country Airlines (non-stop) or Frontier Airlines--(one-stop through Denver, Colorado)--so you might be able to cut your trip down to about a 16 hour total or so--and keep the cost still at the same level (or less that you would pay for the bus) (Kind of depends on how hard it is to get from the bus terminals to the plane terminals in Seattle and Minneapolis).