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11. Posted by marvealmar (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y

I wnat to share my experience regarding W-D.

I agree to all that has been said here. Usually I dont bother to write in forums like this, but now I'm a bit pissed off;)

I booked a room in Dehli from the W-D website(which in fact) looks nice and is pretty easy to use. After a day or two I reveived a booking confirmation as expected, telling my that my booking was confirmed and all I had to do was to show the receipt in the receiption at the hotel. An incident forced me to book in, on my own at the same hotel one day in advance. They told me that they had no booking from W-d whatsoever. To make a long story short, I didn't get a room despite the confirmation and was left stranded in Dehli as every hotel room in Dehli was taken (I'm not kidding, had to call 20-25 hotels before i by luck got to one the had a cancellation).

And when things like this has happened, try to refer to their "Reservation Guarantuee". It just BS and they simply do not keep their word. In my now ongoing correnspondence with them I try to get them to honour this socalled guarantuee. But it seems I am not getting anywhere.

Obviuosly it seems that W-D dont care much about their customers and to have a good reputation. I havn't come to the point of refund for the original booking yet, but from what I know understand I might have a hard time in front of me getting my money back.

It should be someplace one could send a complaint about such companies to, having some kind of legal consequences if your complaint is acknowledged.

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13. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3742 posts) 11y

I booked with them for a hotel in Singapore in 2004 and they were fine, but I have recently booked with them again for Kuala Lumpur in April, now I am wondering whether to cancel due to hearing of people's bad experiences

14. Posted by foot_loose (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

Used the a couple of times to book hotels in Thailand including the Windsor Suites.

To date - never a problem with prompt service. :)

15. Posted by Linger (Full Member 59 posts) 10y

I used them to book a hotel in Hanoi. I had no problems at all - even called them up to confirm the reservation before arriving; they were really friendly and helpful.

16. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 10y

Quoting bex76

I booked with them for a hotel in Singapore in 2004 and they were fine, but I have recently booked with them again for Kuala Lumpur in April, now I am wondering whether to cancel due to hearing of people's bad experiences

Hi Bex, I don't know this company but I appreciate your posting as someone who has posted before. I think it's crucial to keep in mind when reading so many posts from 1 time posters that they could all either be a. reps for the company and b. competitors trying to give this company a bad name. It's a well known tactic on forums that a company rep will ask if a site is any good under one username and then sign up 2 minutes later under another username and say, "yes, I've used them and they are great!" .... not saying this is the case with everyone that has posted here, but one should take referrals that can't be verified with a grain of salt really....

Anyway, why even bother with them when you can book right here on Travellerspoint (see, now that's a promo!)

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18. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3742 posts) 10y

Hi all

Just wanted to say that my booking in Kuala Lumpur in April (that I mentioned earlier) went smoothly - no problems at all, so I wouldn't hesitate to WD again.


19. Posted by drixo (Full Member 48 posts) 10y

I used wired destinations in Indonesia twice, once in Jakarta and once in Bali. In Jakarta everything went perfectly - all good. In Bali though, the hotel acknowledged that I had made a reservation, but denied having received any money from wired destinations. This all seemed rather annoying - but to be fair, I emailed wired destinations the next day to complain, and they immediately phoned the hotel and it was all sorted out.

I think if I used them again, I would then want to check directly with the hotel that they had received my reservation and payment a few days before I turn up...


20. Posted by iamsiam (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

I used to work for this bunch, and knowing wired destinaions managements attitude to their customers I'm not suprised at the negative comments on this board. In my experience most people booking a hotel and not needing to cancel or change the booking would have a decent chance of satisfaction, but as soon as there is any small problem whether its changing the booking or the hotel denying knowledge of the booking then the chances are wired destinations will make you regret ever booking with them. I even heard that people who wanted to cancel after the Tsumani in Phuket because the hotel didnot exist anymore never got refunds