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Autumn / Winter in NZ

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Autumn / Winter in NZ

1. Posted by Gone_away (Budding Member 23 posts) 7y

Hi all,

I'm starting my 6months WHV in NZ, starting mid March. This is my first trip overseas alone and also my first time experiencing Autumn & Winter. I stay in Singapore which is sunny all year round.

I have a few concerns and hope some of you can help me with it.

1. Are thermal wear necessary? I saw some tights at Marks & Spencers that are on sale, 80 denier, are these sufficient to keep my legs warm with jeans worn outside? Are there anything for the body which is similar to the tights? I saw some tops that the shops are claiming to be thermal wear, but they just looked like normal tees to me.

2. Do NZ have cashless payment system like NETS, using your bank card to pay at the shops? I thought if it is possible not to carry too much cash around.

3. Anyone can recommend a prepaid SIM card for iPhone with good data plan deal?

4. I can be quite a cleanliness freak, I heard that people do not bathe everyday during Winter. Is this true?!? Is it a norm for bathrooms in NZ to have heaters on?

I think that's all for the moment


2. Posted by tkr (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y

1. no, you probably don't need thermal wear for new zealand winter. If you do, there are plenty of places to buy them in NZ (cheap also)

2. Yes, NZ has a system called EFTPOS to use your bank card in shops rather than cash. They are everywhere.

3. not sure

4. I've never heard that NZers don't wash every day, most people I know do. As for heater's in bathrooms, some have heated towel racks, but its not the norm to have heaters.

3. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3742 posts) 7y

Regarding question number 3, there are 3 mobile networks in NZ but one (Telecom) doesn't use sim cards, so your options are either Vodafone or 2 degrees.

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4. Posted by Gone_away (Budding Member 23 posts) 7y

Thanks TKR & BEX76!

5. Posted by Jerrycrow (Full Member 165 posts) 7y

some of the travellers said that 2 degrees is cheaper, just pay 2$ for the sim card. either that or you can try vodafone, which if i am correct, cost 20 to 40$ for the prepaid simcard.......

6. Posted by Kelvin Ang (Budding Member 45 posts) 7y

1. I would recommend layering for NZ weather. It changes frequently and you can sometimes get "4 seasons in a day" type weather. There are thermals and "long johns" for the body. Check out the shop "Winning" in Singapore - they sell really cheap but decent-quality cold weather wear. I think there's a shop now in Marina Square.

2. Yes NZ's version of NETS is EFTPOS ("F-Poss"), and you can pay with EFTPOS for purchases of any amounts. You do need a bank account though and I don't know if you can get one with just a 6-month WHV. This varies from bank to bank. Some banks require that you are a resident, some just 6-months work permit etc. BNZ seems to be the most relaxed with regards to this, so I'll check with them first. Get an account that doesn't charge a monthly maintenance fee (but they don't offer you interest, either).

3. For mobile phone networks I highly recommend 2degrees. They cost about half as much as Telecom and Vodafone prepay.

4. NZ is very cold in winter especially in the South Island. I don't know about the others but I bathe twice a day - once before work and once before bed. But then I'm comfortable living in an under-10C house so I'm probably not representative of the generic NZ population ;)

7. Posted by Gone_away (Budding Member 23 posts) 7y

Hey JerryCrow & Kelvin Ang,

Thanks for your replies!

I had did some research online and found that the coverage for 2degrees is somehow not as wide as vodaphone, but the $$ wise is a lot more economical!

8. Posted by Kelvin Ang (Budding Member 45 posts) 7y

Quoting Gone_away

I had did some research online and found that the coverage for 2degrees is somehow not as wide as vodaphone, but the $$ wise is a lot more economical!

2degrees users actually roam on Vodafone networks once they're outside the main centres (ie Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) via a 2degrees-Vodafone agreement, and I've never had a problem with 2degree coverage in the South Island.

If you use mobile data (eg using your cellphone to check emails), Vodafone's and Telecom XT's data rates would be cheaper.